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Constatly learning and making mistakes, in work with young people, Theology, and in life.

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I have been working with young people since 1996. Since that time I have worked on behalf of verious agencies both church (voluntary) and staturary sector. I like working with young people and also working with staff. My academic research includes my masters project, looking at youth workers use computer games and how they take advantage of the ethics entwined with computer games use. A key element of my research was my growing appreciation of the effectiveness of play. Currently I am researching how current youth work staff, of a church, think about their youth work. To achieve this I am aiming to reflect the parish system (geography) as they interogate their area of work and aimig to use Podcasting as a methodology(!). I have a Masters in Theology from the University of Glasgow, as well as degrees in Youth Work with from International Chrsitian College, and Community Education from Strathclyde University as well as being a time served welder currently certified by E.C.I.T.B. I am a member of ISAYM, AMYE, AAR, and the SST.

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