City On A Hill (Image above by Kim Thomas)

Tonight Bob Harris Played This Road By Jars of Clay. Not often that Jars of clay sends a shiver down my spine but tonight they achieved that. The song was originally from an album called, “City on a Hill, Songs of Worship and Praise”. The album is a bit of class. The key to the feeling I hold to the record is everything.

Firstly Sixpence None The Richer none the richer are on it. Excellent

secondly, The choir’s Steve Hindalong produced it. Nice

Lastly it was the first CD I bought after getting married. We were on honeymoon in Canada and going found a bookshop when I spotted this CD. I bought it for the reasons above but instantly fell in love with it, the melody’s, the community spirit, the art work, just everything was right. the song “God of Wonders” has been adapted into mainstream church but the album just is a constant and great compaion along this life, love, and who I am.

This album is a part of the soundtrack of my life in a big way.