Groundbreaking event will feature Christian marketing industry’s top professionals

(NASHVILLE, TENN.) — In recent years, the faith based community has played a major role in the success of numerous films such as The Passion of the Christ and the Left Behind series, and books like The Prayer of Jabez and Rick Warren’s best-seller Purpose-Driven Life. The 1st Annual Faith Based Marketing Summit (www.faithbasedmarketing.com) will explore the role this influential segment of society can play, and help attendees learn what it takes to reach this integral group of consumers. Renegade Idea Group has assembled Christian marketing’s top talent for this unprecendented event, all addressing one specific topic: Uncovering the secrets, tips, strategies, triumphs and tensions associated with effectively reaching and communicating with the faith based community.

The Summit will explore a variety of topics including:
– Marketing research and how it’s applied to the faith based consumer
– Word of mouth marketing – what is it? How do things go viral with this audience?
– 30 traditional advertising ideas in 30 minutes (radio, television, magazines and newspapers, billboard, etc.) and targeting the faith based demo
– How the faith based community has embraced online marketing and the new media being used to further segment this audience
– Creative uses of telemarketing – what works and what doesn’t
– The applications of public relations for churches, non-profit organizations, movies and books, and other products – both faith based and mainstream
– The “soup to nuts” on event marketing – when to use it, when to run from it
– Email vs. snail mail – current trends and comparisons for the faith-based consumers/donors

The Summit will feature some of Christian marketing’s top professionals including:
– Larry Ross – Billy Graham’ss PR representative for the past 20 years
– Sissy Toney – formerly of LifeWay and currently on the Executive Management team at InService America
– Bob Hutchins – owner of The Buzzplant – a new media marketing firm specializing in the faith based entertainment and publishing industry
– Beth Cathey – currently President of the Renegade Idea Group, and formerly with KMA Direct
– Kobey Nicholson – currently with Renegade Lists – the “niche” finders for both postal and email mailing list needs
– Eric Wright and Christine Bailey of Ground Force Network – charter members of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association
– Honnie Korngold – Director of Marketing for Events and Conferences with Campus Crusade for Christ, and currently owner of ChristianTravelFinder.com
– Chris Wilson – named ‘Mover and Shaker in American Politics’ by Campaigns and Elections Magazine
– Several surprise guests have been promised as well

Also confirmed is special guest Greg Stielstra, author of the new book Pyro Marketing. Formerly Senior Marketing Director for the Book Group at
Zondervan, Stielstra was recently appointed VP of Marketing for Thomas Nelson Publishers. Stielstra will explore the subtle differences that
distinguish marketing winners from marketing losers, and will pinpoint four “pyro” principles as they relate the the faith based community:

Never before has a marketing cast of experts been put together to talk so specifically to and about the faith based community, says Beth Cathey,
President of Renegade Idea Group. I absolutely could not believe the response I got from each of these presenters when I sheepishly called them all
on the phone and explained the vision for the Summit and asked if they’d consider being a part of such an event. I was blown away by the positive
response they each gave!

The 1st Annual Faith Based Marketing Summit will be held November 4, 2005 at the Holiday Inn Select at 11350 LBJ Freeway at Jupiter Road in Dallas,
Texas. Registration will begin at 8:00am and a complimentary continental breakfast will be served. The conference will run from 8:30am until 5:00pm.

Event registration is $99 and seating is limited. For more information or to register, call 1-888-552-2762 or visit the website at

I really hate the concept of Faith based marketing.
Perhaps I am deluted but i like to think that I can pick and choose over various forms of advertising. If something is marketed well. that’s good, but i feel responsable for being able to change and decide over what I buy, like, dislike.
For example, most of the music I listen to is marketed to a low level. I like that. I like to think that I am by passing the system.

But the use of Mp3 Blogs is something that for all intent and purposes is “Viral Marketing”. I know this yet I still feel like I am discovering something new and interesting myself.

The use of religion or faith as a marketing tool is immensely cynical I think.
Faith is what you believe.

The abuse of this has happened for centuries, from when the priest of minister would deliver the news of the latest government policy as what god said, (back in the middle ages where abuse of power was rife. (worse than today? I doubt it.))

this conference seems to be about getting people to buy your product because you are a christian and you have a product whaich can be marketed to the fiath community.


The Christian Music sector is one of the top commercial sectors in the american music market. (according to some billboard article I read some time ago it was third behind pop/rock and country.)
Some of the worst stuff called music is produced under this banner.
But let’s not go down that road.

There are currently thousands of christain books and merchandise. I think I can pretty much find what I am looking for in the shelves of the local emporium of this stuff. Marketing does nothing to ensure that this process works.

I really feel that especially in a fiath where order is made a reasonably inportant concept. (biblical or control? who knows). The marketing of the next payer of JAbez, or the next left behind series or the next purpose driven church makes me sad.

Of all the quality books, CDs and other stuff some of the good stuff gets the marketing and becomes a big hit, Alot of quality stuff doesn’t because, budgets are tight and the next hillsong’s praise album will sell hundreds of thousands of copies, Because it sells its marketed which causes it to sell more, which causes it to be marketed more, which causes it to sell more.

Becuase It’s popular, is it good?
Perhaps Jesus needed was marketing. then perhaps he would have changed the world…

All he needed was PR
A million box of buisness cards
Careful image consultation
Securing reputation
A clever market plan
He didn’t understand
That’s all it really takes
He coulda played for higher stakes
We’ve gone wrong

This Jesus thing, it’s a smash hit
it’s packaged right
All stocks have split, it’s a smash hit
It’s gone worldwide

Join his name to any cause
Drop his name to get applause
They never get enough
Nothing here to be ashamed of
Those ever loyal fans
They wanan get their hands
On His newest merchandising
Ignoring overpricing
Oh Wow
We’ve gone wrong

Repeat Chorus

It has no explanation
It smells like exploitation
“Smash Hit” by All Star United


  1. Branding is rife in Christian circles though. Soul Survivor, New Wine, Spring Harvest, Hillsong, deliriou5?, a certain “cool/trendy” “church”!

    The more worrying issue though is that people buy into it, and they buy into it big style… got the t-shirt, album, wrist band, tickets for the festival.

    I’m not saying that any of those are bad things, but it can be scarey how people just follow something because it is that “label”.

    Perhaps, especially in the UK, folks are insecure in their faith that this large label acts as a security blanket, you feel part of something bigger, not alone, so have reassurance… but this is where the abuse of the power can happen.

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