advent 1 – Don’t panic, just wait a while

Don’t panic, just wait a while

I have been thinking about fishing lately. In particular is fishing the only place where contemporary society practices waiting in a good way.
Patience, Awareness, stillness, the ability to stop,

I think deep snow is probably the only time where large sections of society generally stop and wait well together.
(I think the beauty of covering everything in snow makes the waiting something that can be done well.)
John O’Donohue talks about how we live on the threshold of things.
He talks of waiting as being one of the keys to making it over some of the thresholds.
In many way this depth, or this entering into speaks of place.
it speaks of where you are.

I get that, I like that.

I think the waiting is key.
I doubt I am good at it. I think i may work on it.