#advent2012 blog 2 – Eyebrows

The last time I had a hair cut the man with the razor thingy, casually asked me the question which seemed innocuous, but as I thought about it this one question had brought my world crshing down. My mortality was now apparent. The emperor’s new clothes of being young was now suddenly exposed and horribly apparent to all who gazed in my direction.

“So, do you want my to tidy up your eyebrows.”

I was in shock.
My eyebrows. the little things above my eyes. Without them my face is well weird, but with them i was showing my lack of an adequate beauty and haircare routine.

I nervously laughed at the suggestion and the moment past. Internally though I had taken a huge blow and was walking wounded. I paid and vowed never to return to that shop. now i try and avoid walking near that location.

Since then I have everytime I step out the shower or catch my refelction in a mirror, I look at my eyebrows and wonder.
I wonder.

Any advice on the social conventions around eyebrow hair care within the male of the species would be helpful.

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