Alexander, (the Greatest Alexander of them all)

went to see was a great experience. I applauded at the end of the film. I discussion with Rich Afterwards three things struck me.

1 Angelina Jolie doesn’t age in the movie. over about 20 years she looks exactly the same. also she only has to scream 3 times to fufil her role.

2 All the people spoke english with scottish or irish accents, except Miss Jolie who had some bizzarro “quasi-russian” thing going on.

3 there was a good 1 hour film in amungst the 3hour(ish) epic.

on a related issue the cinema has re instated the intermission during this film. probably because It does go on for so long. (Rich and I agreed that if you can’t last 3 hours then tough) anyway The Intermission was the real star of the movie, I did like Anthony Hopkins though and I did like COlin Farrell’s Blonde Mullet wig. How awesome was it’s performance. Wow Give that Wig an Oscar.

In conclusion, like the second Matirx film, it had some good fights but some really turged melodrama to sit through to get to the fights.