Andrew Bird, Thursday May 14th, Oran Mor, a review

I have been thinking alot about the language of artist. what makes one an artist, where artistry ends. what should an artist do. Can anything be an art form and by necessity can anything then be done by an artist.

Surgery, is it an art form?
Speaking, is it an art form?
Podiatry, is it an art form?

One of the things not in doubt about Andrew Bird is he is an artist. Described as a multi-instrumentalist, a classically trained violinst, and one of the worlds best whistlers, his songs are a riot of sounds, textures, humour and beauty.

Lynzy, Karen, Rich and I were transported vicariously to different worlds. spaces where things happen and the world just seems right. songs of life, but each built individually and slightly differently. It was being in the presence of an artist who is creating as you watch.

For one hour and a halfhours we watched one man play every part, to every song using only a violin, a guitar and himself. each song performcane was a thing of majesty. For most of the concert it would be fair to say that that Oran Mor was the quietest i have heard it at any gig I have been at. It was almost surreal watching each song be made, played, controled and ended by one man and a wall of sound.

beauty, yes.
valuable, yes
did it cause an emotional response, yes.

It was art, and Andrew Bird is a top notch artist!