I am bummed out about the cultural going on’s this week.

On wednesday
Pure Reason Revolution are playing Barfly. I heard them on mark radcliffe’s radio 2 show and know they have played greenbelt the last couple of years. I can’t go. (But I am at the sufjan stevens gig at oran mor that night which is very good!)

On Thursday.
The Glasgow Film Theatre is shown their only performane of Thumbsucker this month. Bummer I work late oin thursday and in no way can make the film.

On Friday.
I am also working. Unfortunatley Viva Voce (pictured above are playing bArfly in Glasgoow. I don’t finish til 10pm and I am guessing they will be finishing their set around 11pm which means its not really that doable.

My cultural staus will not be good.

If you are free though, you could go and that would be good!

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  1. Likewise! PRR sounded amazing on Mark Radcliffe. As you know, I’m at Sufjan too! Thumbsucker coming to Cineworld/UGC at all??

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