Avenged Sevenfold.

On Wednesday after leaving Dionne I walked up Succhiehall Street towards Charring Cross. I passed the ABC and saw the Band playing that night was Avenged Sevenfold. There was a crowd of 20 young people dressed up in what would be commonly labelled as Goth clothes. I realised I had forgot to get tickets for the concert on Sunday at the Royal Concert Hall at the bottom of Succhiehall Street.

I turned around and walked back down and got the tickets, stopped at Costa coffee to give Jacob his bottle and me a Hot Chocolate! By the time I got back to the ABC I saw the sight of the guys promoting 118-118 climbing into a van and driving away. I looked over and Saw 20 Goth style dressed young people wearing white T-shirts with the 118 running vest printed on it.
I laughed out loud.

Avenged Sevenfold will probably have no Idea what was going on with the white 118 T-shirts.