Bad management

Today the college my student goes to informed me they were concerned about me recieving the reflective reports of my student. (the student write a report reflecting on their performance in a specific piece of work during the week)


the reason given was that if a student is honest and says they were very bad at something or they had messed something up and i read it, it could affect our working relationship.


As a line manager and youthwork co-ordinator I am mostly at the youth work events my student is at. I think i am at 80% of them. I also recieve feedback from the team about events I don’t attend.

If my student is bad at something. I hear about it or see it.

If my student messes up during an event. I hear about it or see it.

Surely part of my evaluation of my student is in checking how he percieves and expreses the events that happened and how he reflects and intends to change.If what I have to go on is one week he did this badly, next week he does it badly again, then the third week I won’t ask him to do it.

The issue of honest bugs me.

Yeah sure be honest when I am in the room and more honest when I am out of it but if i can’t read a problem as written by the student, will that student be more comfortable telling me about the problem face to face.

I doubt it

But Hey

Perhaps I am just a Bad Manager