Today, at work, we took a small and exclusive group to see the Basketball. The Scottish Rocks were playing the Leicester Riders. The game was good and it was a fun family atmosphere. The problem was that as a sport it is not really as serious as Say soccer is to the west coast of scotland mentality. Although this may have something to do with the Scottish Rocks being the Edinburgh Rocks of 3 years ago, post administration.

Anyway The Scottish team were awesome ish. At times it looked like leicester were not playing to their potential. At times when the riders played, the Scottish team couldn’t score or stop the Riders scoring, seemingly at will.

But the league table rarely lies.

Leicester are bottom of the league due to losing games. In the second half the leicester team were suluggish and The Scottish Rocks started to look like a good team. periods 3+4 were marked by better Scottish defence, Tatically a better game and and inventive, incisive clinical attack.

The FInal score of 105 to 74(?) for the rocks was deserved and reflected the game fairly.

s for the guys we took they were more interested in “The rockettes”.

I really enjoyed as did the guys I think.
Although I did feel the “Drug Dealers Don’t Care” message was underplayed. I am not sure how this could have been more central but It could have been somehow.