Best album of 2002 (marking 10 years of music)


As part of thinking back and remembering things on the cusp of moving into 2010, I am trying to work out what to put on my iPod and what not. so what follows is a brief look through the best albums I got in the year 200 and a top 3 with some witterings on why i like things you will probably not like!

Anyway from the year 2002 the year Gunther von Hagens conducted the first public autopsy in a London theatre for 170 years, and also the year of the Manchester commonwealth games.
the contenders in alphabetical order(!)

    Aimee Mann – Lost in Space
    Bon Voyage – The Right Amount
    Buddy Miller – Midnight and Lonesome
    The Chemical Brothers – Come With Us
    Del Amitri – Can You Do Me Good?
    Doves – The Last Broadcast
    Johnny Cash – American IV – The Man Comes Around
    Sixpence None The Richer – Divine Discontent
    Steve Earle – Jerusalem

Using a completely biased methodology of what did I listen to most then, what do I listen to now and think is pretty good and just what rocks my world, the top three are…

JerusalemSteve Earle – Jerusalem
I cannot remember why i bought this album. I had never heard any of Steve Earle’s albums before, but buy it I did. What I found was a politically charged, folk, country protest singer trying to work out what he saw going on in America and singing the songs which came out of that trying to understand.
It is a great album with some stand out tracks! It has an intensity, which brought with it controversy and a strong reation, then again isn’t all good art controversal?
seek out – “John Walker’s Blues”, “The Truth” & “Jerusalem”

cashJohnny Cash – American IV – The Man Comes Around
What can I say.
If you haven’t seen the video for “Hurt” your life is incomplete. this albums is as complete an album as a frail, old, dying man can make. Simply breathtaking.
seek out – go buy the album. and the video of Hurt. you really need this.

divine discontentSixpence None The Richer – Divine Discontent
The first time I heard Sixpence None the Richer’s Divind Discontent I was excited. it sounds like a brilliant polished pop album, georgous melody’s, Leighs brilliant floating vocals, a full rounded band sound. it sustained as constant listens happened. wonderful album. with a georgous sound and wonderful running order, the only blight on a great album is it was woefully under promoted. meaning very few people heard it. shame it is a great pop album.
seek out – the whole album, is it wonderful