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PUNCTUATED 1. Nat. Hist. and Path. Marked or studded with points or dots; having minute rounded spots, or (esp.) depressions resembling punctures, scattered over the surface; of the nature of or characterized by such markings.

(Oxford English Dictionary word of the day for 20th Nov 06)

Today Has been punctuated.
mostly by rain

but punctuated never the less.

normal stuff.
got up got Helen and Jacob to work and nursery respectively.

I had the task of hiring a Kilt for Helen’s works night out in mid December.
(mental note to self get this day off work.)
I was going to go to Geffrey Tailors in Buchanan street, but last time I was there they really mucked up the wedding party orders. Shame. I quite liked the shop.
Anyway I thought I would try a new place.
I walked to bath street near Buchanan street to MacGregor and MacDuff‘s glasgow shop. It was a very small shop in a basement. No MacMillan tartan either, my middle name is MacMillan. The guy measuring me seemed to be new to this entire measuring/fitting experience. But i came away with a feeling of confidence that I would get what I ordered.

I got a black watch tartan with the full prince charlie outfit. (my uncle was in the black watch.) no shirt though as i have a white shirt. black socks and sporran though.

I then went CD window shopping. (Due to my laptop purchase I haven’t bought a CD in ages. maybe at christmas.)

Went to uni. I am on holiday from work so I am trying to get into the library and write an essay or two.

It rained hard.

I crossed campus to get to the packlunch room.

It really rained.

The room was quiet. except for three girls showing me basic gymnastic teaching theory. in particular how to land from a jump and the 5 impact points.

I ate lunch

I had a good nose around in this months third way magazine.
The big interview with Tracy Emin was really good. I think i have a better understanding of her viewpoint now. The most striking was the article by Mark Vernon about Agnostisism. It was clear and seemed to open up doors for thinking in my head. I don’t think i will become agnostic. Me learning so far at uni has been about viewing issues form different persepctives, youth, excluded, elderly, feminist, anti-racist.
Having different traditions and ways of viewing things gives more to say, granted, and more things to think about, definately, but ultimately it challanges. thats what being open is all about.

It was windy. I went the the library and did some work, met nick & Sarah briefly.

I took a break and fixed up an appointment with my uni adviser.
Thursday at 2pm. (remember to contact fraser)

went back to the library. did some work.
I walked to the car. It rained.
I drove to nusrery. It stopped raining
I drove to helens work. It rained

I met Denise tonight.
Denise Is a friend from ICC days and great woman. She is always great comapny and up for having a chat. We sat. remebered old times. talked about current times, work, love and psycho analyised our friends. in a nice way of course. Denise is a good friend.
I hope she enjoyed the Ballet!

I took the undergorund home
It was very windy.

I got home.

Rich apparently has got snowed in on friday. Then he may or may not have crashed. I think he was just in the tailbacks caused by the crashes.

The rail was strong against the window. The wind whistles down the chimney very loudly.

One of my Cohorts is leaving the uni course I am on. I feel sad and guilty. I am studying full time and working full time. This student had stopped working to study on the course. there were only a dozen or so, fees paid places I got one, the other student didn’t. I could understand to a decent level the theories of Gramsci, freire and basics of Informal education and policy documents from the scottish executive due to my first degree covering these subjects as an undergraduate, and my youthwork background, as a newcomer to all this the other student struggled.

I am guilty that i seem to have had all the advantages on the course, yet her commitment has been tremendous. Stopping employment, paying her fees, working hard.

I feel bad about it.

it rained again

My laptop is delayed.
If you see a UPS van with a laptop with “For Scott” written on it in central glasgow please direct it to My wife’s place of employment. thanks.


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Humphrys vs Williams (Live)

Last tuesday I was on my way to uni. I dropped of My wife at work and my son at nursery. I was flipping on the radio and came across the first of a new series of BBC radio 4. John Humphrys possibly the top radio journalist on the BBC, inviting the Archbishop of Canterbury to convert him.

Jings. What a program.
I am still recovering from the level of discussion and the ease by which the Archbishop was so clear and easy with his wisdom, and how his theological positions were conveyed.

for example here is his answer to a simple question. Is there a God?

I don’t know that there is God or a God in the simple sense that I can tick that off as an item I’m familiar with. Believing is a matter of being committed to the reality of God. The knowledge that comes, that grows if you like through a relationship. I believe I commit myself, I accept what God gives me, I try to accept what God gives me. Grow in that relationship and you grow in a kind of certainty or anchorage in the belief. Knowledge well yes of a certain kind yes, but not acquaintance with a particular fact or a particular state of affairs, it’s the knowledge that comes from relation and takes time.

or to the question, why did God create a world where a child can die and leave a family destroyed by death due to cancer.

Rowan Williams: My faith tells me, and it’s very hard to believe in these circumstances, but it tells me and I trust this. That the world, yes, is such that suffering arises in these unspeakable ways. It also tells me that what God can do with those circumstances and those persons is not exhausted by the world, there’s more.

John Humphrys: Sorry, more what?

Rowan Williams: God has more to give. God has more to do with the mother, the child, whatever the circumstances are. God has an eternity in which to heal or to lead forward the people involved in those circumstances. I don’t mean make it up to them but I mean that there’s a future.

amazing listening or reading.
listen again until Tuesday ::[[click here]]::
script of original program ::[[click here]]::

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Love Extravagantly – Values and Principles 2

This post is number three of an occasional series on values and principles;
read post one
read post two

Love Extravagantly


• noun 1 an intense feeling of deep affection.
DERIVATIVES – extravagantly adverb

• adjective 1 lacking restraint in spending money or using resources. 2 costing a great deal. 3 exceeding what is reasonable or appropriate

Love Extravagantly
I suppose it is the guiding philosophy of what i try to do. In life and in work, in my family.
I often don’t achieve

But I try and aim high

if I did Graffiti This would be what i would write.
An exhortation to myself, my life and other people

but not just love
love extravagantly
beyond what is reasonable and appropriate.
You know what to do.
so do it.

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Child like faith

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I am considering what this actually means.

at the weekend someone decided that childlike faith meant an unquestioning acceptance of whatever.

I disagree.

I think that child like faith is a questioning faith that allows the freedome to ask the questions that other people don’t want to ask or answer, but normally people would ask due to fear.

If perfect love drives out all fear then child like faith is that state of love without fear in effect. The world is a nice place. people are trustworthy. andy you are sercure and happy.

Chidren know no fear. my sister broke two arms on the same garden slide within 2 years. an adult probably would have been scared off.

Children ask the ackward questions and don’t understand why people seem sheepish/ embarrised about it. I rekon jesus had a twinkle in his eye swhen he spoke of becoming like a child.

Childhood usually is fun. Church usually isn’t fun.

go figure.

PS I am planing to write a written bit on this topic at a later date.

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Public Service Announcement – rediscovery of Humanity needed

sarah is great.

But i hate that people can’t respect the boundaries that she needs in order to live, work and enjoy life.

If you are one of these people.

stop taking good people for a ride and get a grip on love, respect for the other, caring, loving, and not being carless with other people.

public service announcement over.

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being there v.s working there

I just found all the Carberry youth work response forms. This is a relief as I had thought I had lost them. But a bummer as, now I have two days to turn these response forms into a report format and sent it to Carberry.

I enjoy Carberry. It is a good relaxing time. I do feel like a worker there. Part of the way the festival happens.

But at greenbelt I fell almost frustrated by the fact I don’t help out. In my illustrious career I have so far provided, Pro sound, Pro lighting, toured with bands, Stewarded crowds of up to 25000, DJ’ed 5000 people venues, presented/ hosted live venues of 1000 plus and other things.

The question has to be DO I want another event where I am Involved.

I need time just to not do anything.

I need time to relax and recharge.

A chance just to be a nobody. Someone who contributes by enjoying not just by performing / working somehow.

Being involved could benefit so many but perhaps I need to benefit my soul and myself one weekend a year