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Public Service Announcement – rediscovery of Humanity needed

sarah is great.

But i hate that people can’t respect the boundaries that she needs in order to live, work and enjoy life.

If you are one of these people.

stop taking good people for a ride and get a grip on love, respect for the other, caring, loving, and not being carless with other people.

public service announcement over.

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being there v.s working there

I just found all the Carberry youth work response forms. This is a relief as I had thought I had lost them. But a bummer as, now I have two days to turn these response forms into a report format and sent it to Carberry.

I enjoy Carberry. It is a good relaxing time. I do feel like a worker there. Part of the way the festival happens.

But at greenbelt I fell almost frustrated by the fact I don’t help out. In my illustrious career I have so far provided, Pro sound, Pro lighting, toured with bands, Stewarded crowds of up to 25000, DJ’ed 5000 people venues, presented/ hosted live venues of 1000 plus and other things.

The question has to be DO I want another event where I am Involved.

I need time just to not do anything.

I need time to relax and recharge.

A chance just to be a nobody. Someone who contributes by enjoying not just by performing / working somehow.

Being involved could benefit so many but perhaps I need to benefit my soul and myself one weekend a year