My #secret is out, I am a ballet dancing, high heel wearing, 40-50 year old woman.

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My brother recently become British champion of Decathlon form men aged 40-45. Well done. I have been trying to match my brother, by getting fitter. I doubt I will be running 100m in under 12.54 seconds anytime soon. Before the summer I was running around 9k, slowly but running, and my times for a 22k road cycle route near my house were edging down towards the hour mark.

In July at Solas Festival I hurt my right foot. The week afterwards the foot was sore to walk on. Over the summer the pain has gone mostly, but if I try to cycle or even worse run it gets very sore. For the day or two afterwards I am in pain when I walk. I went to the doctors, described my symptoms. He knew exactly what it was; Mortons Neuroma.

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So the nerve between the bones of the foot is annoyed when I exercise. I can honestly say my body doesn’t like when I exercise. aAccording to this website. (because everything on the internet is true),

It is a condition that affects one of the common plantar digital nerves that run between the long bones (metatarsals) in the foot. It most commonly affects the nerve between the third and fourth metatarsal bones, causing pain and numbness in the third and fourth toes.

That sounds like what I experience. So far so accurate. It’s under the section of who typically gets Mortons Neuroma that the website adopts a revelationary role.

About three people out of four who have Morton’s neuroma are women. It commonly affects people between the ages of 40 and 50 but can occur at any age.

Poorly fitting or constricting shoes can contribute to Morton’s neuroma.It is more common in women who habitually wear high-heeled shoes or in men who are required to wear tight (constrictive) footwear. It may also be more common in ballet dancers.

So at last I can confess.
I am a 40-50 year old woman, who habitually wears high-heeled shoes (today is a lovely set from Chloe), while doing my ballet dancing. That is certainly something I thought I lacked the repertoire to achieve, but you know its certainly a look that I can carry off, at least 3 times out of 4 i can.

Anyway, I am due to see the specialist soon to see what I can do about it, if you see me wearing special shoes soon you know whats happened right?