Off to Greenbelt tomorrow. all that vital camping stuff is in the hall, dusted down and ready to go.

Greenbelt I have been a regular since 1996 until 1999 then I was busy until 2002 when I got to go again.

This year the big blogging meeting is happening. it is a meeting of people who have weblogs and go to Greenbelt. I am sure it will be much more interesting that that. The guys from the Wibsite are hosting (I Think) so it should be comedy at least.

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the meeting

Hi I was sent the minutes of the most recent meeting of a commitee i used to be on. enjoy

(please note the names have been changed to protect the innocent)

Here are the notes on last night’s meeting.
1 – Shane and Malcom turned up at North Church at 8pm, as arranged at the last meeting on 17th May
2 – No one else turned up and the church was locked
3 – Shane and Malcolm felt self-righteous and aggrieved.
4 – It was agreed that would Malcolm would get an address list from Scott and prepare a publicity poster detailing titles and dates for the session 2004/5 to mail in time for this weekend, SUBJECT TO HEARING FROM THE REST OF THE GROUP THAT THEY ARE STILL ALIVE.
5 – It was proposed that a further planning meeting be held on Tue 31st Aug at 7.30pm – venue to be agreed – SUBJECT TO FOLK CONFIRMING THEY CAN COME.This would plan the games night for 19th Sep, and first full meeting for 10th Oct.
6 – The meeting was closed with more self-righteous comments, and a desire to go home and watch the Olympics.
Please reply as soon as possible.

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The Roof Fixers.

They came today to fix the roof.

After an hour they wnet on a drive to pick up materials from there home base.

I am waiting their return with slight trepidation and worry about the state for the kitchen.

On a brighter note i sorted out my wife with here new mobile phone today. I negociated the company responsable for a £200 discount on the first quote they gave me. for a better deal than the one I was on.


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last nights dinner

hi last night sarah came over to join my wife and I for dinner.

I cooked and we had,

Tomato and basil soup and fresh baked bread.

Roast chicken, Roast potatoes, Roast Root Vegetables, Couliflower in a cheese sauce and Broccholi.

then with coffee and tea (and water for sarah,)

Apple pie with Ice Cream or Fresh Cream

I enjoyed it very much. Sarah and My wife both looked very happy with The food I provided for them.

I like cooking.

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edinburgh 1

Just a small note to thank Louise and Denise for a lovely time in Edinburgh on Saturday. During a wide ranging conversation we covered life, love, marrage, the future and who we were in relation to who we had been.

As the Festival is one we managed to see some weird things such as the man standing on his head in a bucket (Good work if you can get it.)

ALso the men singing the song about Al Quaeda deserve a special mention.

All in all, a lovely few hours were spent in the company of friends.

thank you both


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the makers diet

Hi I got sent this today and thought is was possible the most tackiest, underhand using religion as a blackmail piece of marketing I have seen ever.



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click on the link below to see a cool picture from space

the link takes you to NASA’s Astronomy Picture Of The Day for today. It is a cool website that I really like. I first heard of it from moby’s website. It is v. good. especially check out the archieve and a picture called “earthlights02_dmsp” It.s a picture of earth with outsunlight with an unreal blue colour and only a few street lights showing any barriors. anyway check the link.

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shopping 2

so I didn’t get a phone, but on the plus side I did get the items on the original list, pillows and a douvet.

Unfortunately The douvet was to large. (Bigger than the advertised size.)

ANd the sell pillows seperately. instead of buying 4 I came home with 2. (What a strange world we live in. I always thought/had previously bought pillows in sets of 2.)

anyway just to let you know


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so today I went shopping

I had a list to go with but the choice was rather large.

rather than make the decision I decided to go shopping for a new mobile phone instead. (as obviously that would be easier.

No one stock’s the phone I want. I went round four shops in glasgoiw and couldn’t find it. Anyway I then started doing my sums. It turns out my mobile phone bil currently is £300 per year.


I didn’t think it was that high.

tomorrow I start looking more seriously for a cheaper phone deal.

by the way yes i did get what I set out for. But my Wife hasn’t seen it yet so it could be wrong!!

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blog 1

Hi all

so with great Joy I announce my impending employment

I will be working for the Salvation Army in Glasgow as a Youth Officer. Specifically I will be working in the Easterhouse part of this city.

I start at the beginning of September.

i aim in this blog to describe how this happens and how I feel about the whole thing.

hope it reads well

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