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Christian Bookshop’s

Yesterday I had the occasion to go looking in a christian bookshop. This particular christian bookshop is quite popular, but having not been in a christian bookshop for a year or so it was laugh out loud funny. I did laugh several times. I also felt quite sad about some of the stuff there. As I wondered around the shop, my thoughts turned to the shop I was in, how different was it from any other book store. How easy would it be to wonder in and not be able to identify it was a christian book store. (This isn’t a problem for the other main christian book stores in Glasgow. One is in the basement of a church, the other is staffed by Nun’s, thats a dead giveaway.)

So I present the top five ways to know you are in a christian bookshop.


You find a book called DEEP “The call of Deep Church is not just for theologians and church leaders; it is also about each individual Christian experiencing and knowing that Jesus rescues from the depths and changes them deeply” this book is written by an author called Frog.
If you name is Frog you should be being one of three things. Living on a lily pad eating flies, Trucking in your big rig or on the run from the police. Possibly not authoring a book on DEEP Christianity or pastoring a large church in London.

on giant over sized Video screen and other monitors, there is DVD playing of an elderly gentleman in shirt and tie, slightly out of focus, serenading a range of mountains. but the music being played instore bares no relation to the video on the screen.


You find that Siku’s The Manga Bible is filed under “Bibles”. Not in the Anime/Manga Section. possibly because they don’t have an Anime/Manga section.

You find a box set of Johnny Cash. Reading the entire New Testament. (only £36.50 in a translation I had never heard of before)


You find a copy of the Worshiptogether.com’s “The essential modern worship fakebook”.
To be honest I applaud the way they are condemning modern worship as fake, or i detest the way they are helping people fake modern worship. I haven’t quite made my mind up yet.

So how do you know you are in a christian bookshop or what stopped you going or trying?

BROS issues (or Brand and Ross)

Brand and Ross or Bros as i am starting to call them
Brand and Ross or Bros for short

So Russell Brand has quit. Jonathon Ross has been suspended for 12 weeks without pay. Their boss at Radio 2 has also quit

I don’t get it

The guy Andrew Sachs gave his number to the people on the show so they could call him. Having heard the russell brand radio show I wouldn’t give them my phone number because i have heard the show and I would have an idea where it could go to.

Perhaps the most incisive comment i have seen or read has come from Peter Tatchell in the Guardian:-

So far, nearly 30,000 members of the public have lodged complaints. How many of them have complained about the BBC’s tacit glorification and promotion of greed and nastiness in programmes like The Apprentice and The Weakest Link? Why don’t they kick up a fuss when the BBC gives airtime to religious fundamentalists who oppose equal rights for women, gay people and non-believers?

My point is that the public outcry is selective, as is the BBC’s heavy-handed response to Brand and Ross. It is totally out of proportion. A few silly, mindless quips have been elevated by mob instinct and moral panic into a supposed national scandal. It has knocked off the front pages the collapse of share prices, fuel poverty, house repossessions and a dozen other serious economic issues that are adversely affecting millions of Britons.

They might be overpaid and sometimes crude and boorish, but did Brand and Ross mock the victims of a train crash? No. Did they reveal personal details that might put someone at risk of violent attack? No. Did they tell racist gags? No.

The singer and the voice from…

Glasvegas. So whats with the voice then

I like an accent as much as the next man. I mean one of favourite singers of all time, Karin Bergquist (from Over the Rhine) has an accent which has become more pronounced and obvious as she has changed from the formally trained sound of the bands early style to a more laid back natural sound.

I like foreign bands – The guys from Alphabeat sing with a definate scandinavian accent, The Scorpions, I’m From Barcelona, (who’s new album is very good!), Lykke Li, Hello Saferide and Emile Simon. I don’t mind singers with an accent. I think it can add to a tune and add innately to the musical content of the song.

So perhaps it is just the Scottish thing i don’t like then. But I like singers/bands from scotland, Roddy Woomble from Idlewild, Eddie Reader, Ricky Ross in Deacon Blue, Justin Currie in Del Amitri, Fish in Marillion, and on the broader side of things, (accent wise) I really like Aidan Moffat in Arab Strap, and the Proclaimers in the Proclaimers. (I even like Alistair MacDonald and Hamish Imlach)

But singing accent of the guy from Glasvegas. I can’t get behind that. In particular in the fantastic song ‘It’s my Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry’. I get the sentiment of the song, the feel of the song, the lyrics of the song, but when he sings the immortal line,

“Liar, Liar, Liar, Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.”

in the broadest Glasgow accent you have event heard since  well Alistair MacDonald or Hamish Imlach, I have two main reactions.

the first is to laugh out loud and stop listening to song.
the second is to stop the music and move on.

sorry glasvegas.
But I can’t get behind that

New sins

The Vatican Has brought out some new modern moral sins.

Environmental pollution
Genetic manipulation
Accumulating excessive wealth
Inflicting poverty
Drug trafficking and consumption
Morally debatable experiments
Violation of fundamental rights of human nature

hands up if you have broken any of these?

anyway this is all to do with a drop in the amount of attendants to confession or the Sacrament of Penance! So rather than convince people that they need to work on what they are aware off the system would seek to intorduce new sins, you may not have been aware you were committing, and asking you to confess them.

It would be an interesting study to find out if this brings in new confessors or if this means those who do go to confession, now go for twice the sin!

I kinda prefer the old ones.
it is good to see the vatican so concerned with these issues, the environment, injustice, poverty, power, moral issues and human rights.
Although I cannot see Brad Pitt and Morgan freeman making seven two around this new set of sins.

Maggie dawn pointed out this helpful diagram for those unsure on the original rules.

well thats that cleared up.

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