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reflecting on the election – #GE2015

beentovoteSo the responses to the general election 2015 are long and varied. For myself, I like my reflection with a sense of humour so here goes with a brief round-up of responses.

American PJ O’Rouke is on the money with “A Point of View” for BBC Radio 4 – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-32657761

The more explosive reaction, with many expletives, comes from the Bugle podcast, (Jon Oliver & Andy Zaltzman) https://soundcloud.com/the-bugle/bugle-292-a-career-defining-election this made me laugh substantially!

As did the Dead Ringers take on the election. Broadcast on the day after the election, it does seem a bit raw but is remarkably spot on, while taking everyone for a laugh. (For this show it does help if you have a working knowledge of the political characters of the last election and the hosts of the “Today” show on BBC Radio 4). http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/fricomedy

perhaps the most disappointing satirical take on the a events of the election came from The Daily Show who seem to have missed the mark with their segment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qt8gEvGJe_I

anyway enjoy listening.

Consumption – Death on the Instalment plan.

Will Self is a great writer, and his attitude, accent and physicality make him a compelling personality. This i have gathered through watching the TV stuff I have seen him on. Quite often i find the way he phrases things as quite precise and generally hilarious.

maybe its the delivery,
maybe its the writing,

either way this 10 minute essay is class and should be heard.

the text is a good read but is divided up with images and links to other similar articles which breaks the flow.

anyway worth having a look at

Dawkins, Belief and the life I live.

on radio 4’s today this morning I woke up to the sound of Richard Dawkins chatting to John Humphries.

nice way to wake up.

Anyway they were discussing the comments of Cardinal Cormac Murphy O’Connor who has warned that public life in Britain must not become a “God free” zone. The basis of the conversation turned to Dawkins belief that there is True and False. Belief is not true because it cannot be proved. believing something is not enough to justify it being true.

you can listen again to the show here. (the interview was around 7:17am.)

In my dozing slumber i wondered about all the things we did believe.

Money – he bank promises to pay an amount in sterling? like how many promises of sterling are in circulation and how much sterling is in the world? (besides, i don’t want five pounds of a furniture store. talk about free publicity!)

The Justice system – what is the burdon of proof. If three people who don’t know me all say they saw me commit a crime would i be able to avoid being convicted. depends what the jury believes i guess

Science – that is a scientific theory and whats the difference between a theory and fact. what is a scientific Law and when are they ever broken? Has science changed it’s mind on something that was fact?

So i ask what do we believe and what is fact. If one day the bus doesn’t come as scheduled does that mean the timetable is a matter of belief or fact?

without belief, our monetary system crashes, or system of order and justice crashes and (i guess about) 50% of science is crashed with all the implications those three things mean. thats before we get into the crumbling of modernity, the experience of post modernity and where we are today.

Me I believe.
It’s better that way.

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open source

****** warning slightly too much detail about my life, if you want to miss this part, read again after the end of warning start part******

The radio in our bathroom is usually tuned to radio 4
I was in the toilet and turned on the radio.

******End of too much info stuff******

As I was listening casually, to radio 4, the words I heard started to work on me. The program, Open Source, was an investigation into the use, history and current position of open source software.

I joined the conversation as he was focusing in on the case of brazil where the gvernement has decided to embrace open source software for computers as a concious government policy.

The man from Brazil seemed very happy about this.
The man form Microsoft less so
The man from red Hat seemed okay about it.

On telling exchange came from a discussion about the open nature of the source code.
The man on the radio summing up something the man from red hat said.

“so your software is better becuase people find faults in it every day?”

I find this idea great. the weakness of being open is conversely it’s strength.
openness demands that people find holes.
It requires demands change.
It encurages growth, and in a short time the change can be massive.

as a method of chnage it is pretty good.

the downside seems to be that we make money from our secrets. form our lack of openness.
our secrets.
the things we don’t tell anyone else.

Microsoft don’t share their code or latest developments. Industrial espionage is a major fear. (Only 4 people living in the world know the correct recipe for Barr’s Irn Bru!)
we fear our secrets ebcoming known.

I fear the dark edges of my life so far. To be more accurate i fear the discovery of those dark edges by others. Others who use have got to know me through a carefully created kaleidoscope of myself.

Perhaps I should take a risk.
Perhaps I should fell safe.

Perhaps my comfort, or Bill Gates $50 Billion fortune comfort will prevent us from revealing our secrets.

I never live with balance, Although I like the notion.