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Album of the Year 2018 (the long list)

Beach House & Stranger Kings, much dream pop goodness.

I am a sucker for some dream pop, and two new music releases of a dream pop type persuasion are soon to be in my possession, (well one on order and one being shipped from the USA). The first is the new album by Beach House called “Depression Cherry”. I have this ordered without hearing anything from it yet, so it better be good… I am confident it will be, I loved the album “Bloom” from 2012. It is a remarkably good album, so good it is one of the 38 albums I choose to carry with me on an MP3 device at all times. The question is whether to buy tickets for Beach House’s October 26th Glasgow concert or not. I suspect I will, but I am not sure how rock and roll it will be. (Below is a film Beach House made with performances of 4 songs from Bloom.) The second album I have bought is by a Californian dream pop practitioners called Stranger Kings. You can listen to the album on band camp below. They have gorgeous 80’s peter hook influenced base work, dreamy guitars, and a beautiful voice on top, whats not to like right?
mucho musical goodness.