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The Best Film in the world…ever?

Have you heard about best film ever…The Expendables.

To be honest I have problem with any film written and directed by Sylvester Stallone, especially when he makes himself the top actor. The redeeming feature of the film is the rest of the cast.
Jason Statham
Mickey Rourke
Sylvester Stallone
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Brittany Murphy
Charisma Carpenter
Jet Li
Dolph Lundgren
Eric Roberts
Steve Austin
Randy Couture

So lets be honest. the story will be rubbish, the dialogue, will be rubbish but full of quoteable one liners. The only way this could be better is if Milla Jovovich turned up as “Alice” from Resident evil or maybe as “Lelu” from the 5th element. turned up.

honestly bring it on, in all its rubbishness.

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write or die

Attention students, and those writing who lack motivation or time or skill but need to get words out. The ever wonderful Lifehacker points to one of the coolest online applications I have seen in the last wee while.

Write or Die is a simple javascript app, which inspires you to write an amount of words in an amount of time. Sounds cool huh. You set it up, for example, I want to write 1000 words in 10 minutes. It says okay then asks you what level of treatment you would like to get.
‘Gentle” and you get a text box reminder
‘Normal’ plays a sound file
‘kamikazie’ is a killer though. It starts deleting the text you have written until you start typing again.
I hate to think what happens if you put it on ‘electric shock’

I figure in this the season of intense essay writing this may become handy for some folks!

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Danielsons – Trying Hartz

Danielson has a new album out. From the liner notes –

Trying Hartz samples the first decade of the Danielson/Danielson Famile/Br. Danielson oeuvre (all the years before Ships), attesting generously to the movement of the work as a whole, from proto-minimalist eccentric gospel band to prog-metal-dread outfit to music hall choir to indie rock one-man band to outsider art celebrity to family man and family member. It’s a perfect starter volume for listeners who have not had the pleasure of engaging with the evolution of this unusual, surprising, and incredibly moving musical consortium. And yet: please note that no verbal account of the work can possibly summon the effect of the decade digested in this assemblage. After all, as Daniel sings, “My Lord is known by His song.” Not by His press releases. The ecstatic vision of the Danielson project is the unnamable part, the impossible to describe part, and this ecstatic vision is cumulative. It’s not what Daniel says, though he always says it well, it’s the circumstances in which he says it, with family gathered around him, whether related by blood or not; it’s the reiteration of the spiritual thematic material, a reiteration that sounds nothing like early 20th century gospel-it’s far more poeticized, it’s far more elemental-but which has all the seriousness and all the joy of that long ago music. Ecstatic vision. You won’t get it by reading these lines, nor even by reading the lyrics. You will get it by listening to this distillation of ten years’ work and the earlier albums and going to the shows. Then you will experience the humble but devious and complicated grassroots movement that is Danielson. Trying Hartz is an essential place to start.

Dunno about you but that kinda sounds like the type of album i would like to listen to!

Good TV

This week sees the return of two of my favourite TV shows.

The Big Bang Theory on E4 – 9pm tonight and Wednesdays following

then on friday  channel 4 sees the return of the mighty The IT Crowd

Intresting both seem to have have a geeky element to them. both seem to be both embracing geekdom while still using the fact people are into stuff as a major comedy plot point.

I Guess this balances out my love of the lowest common denominator Hole in the Wall on BBc and of course the near perfection of Harry Hill’s TV Burp on ITV.

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Hole In the Wall

Saturday night TV has never been so interesting. X- Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, The Hairy Bakers, Channel 4’s rerunning of the Lord Of The Rings films. and CSi and Law and Order on Five.

Things are good. Starting all this televisual goodness on a saturday evenings viewing is definately the new  BBC1 Show – Hole In The Wall.

The basic ideas is that celebrities, (the standard of celebrity you would see on Celebrity Masterchef, not upto strictly come dancing level but probably above celebrity wife swap), dress up in skin tight suits and attempt to contort their bodies into shapes, which have been cut into a plystyrene wall. This wall is driven towards the contestants and they try to avoid getting pushed by the wall into a swimming pool.

Apparently the BBC commissioned this after the popularity of the Japanese original show on video sharing websites. (Like youtube).

I like it

It is inherantly funny watching anyone being pushed into a pool of water by an oncoming wall of polystyrene. it is inhreantly funny watching ‘celebrities’ trying to laugh like they don’t care about fitting through a wall when they really do. Ultimately it is just funny what people will do for a bit of fame and celebrity.

The keys to the program are the light tone set by the host Dale Winton, the over-the-top commentry of Jonathon Pearce, (however annoying it does perfectly sum up the saturday evening  light entertainment feel.) and the insesant loud music clips in celebration and defeat. The other thing which makes the program is the way the action actually relentlessly drives forward.

It is telly heaven. Throwaway, short, sharp, and to the point. Entertainment as it should be.

I am the King of the Internet (Beta version)

But i think i have it.

I am posting this blog and it it works this will appear on my facebook and bebo account within three hours. If so I will be the king of the internet, and need to set up a myspace and twitter to check it does work there to.

But I am hopeful. as soon as it works I will tell you how. in the mean time just bask in the goodness that may be how cool i am

ical and google calender synconisation – for free!

So the age old issue is that Ical can transmit to Google calender. Google calender can transmit to Ical but there is no syncronisation. The data flows one way only. That mean you need to enter the data twice.

Enter spanning sync. a program free to try for 15 days with full syncronisation of google calender and Ical. nice GUI. it is not bad. the downside is it is kinda annoyingly noticeable as you use it and as it updates. the real downside though is the $25 per month fee for the program. I used the free trial to get both calenders linked and updated to each other but after the free trial ended then i made the decision i would rather typw everything twice, and pay myself the $25 per month.

Enter the GCAlDaemon. (yeah catchy title right). the GCAlDaemon is a small program which runs in the background of your computer. It makes gcal and ical syncronise for free!

the instructiuons are pretty cool and you get to enter dos commands to the terminal. something i had never done on the mac. fortunately my hacking skills arn’t to bad.

the only thing i warnign i would give is
the dos commands can get complicated. at one point it asks you to open a file. you type in the dos location and the terminal tell you that yes, that is a folder. The instructions actually wants you to open the folder in my documents type folder system. that had me confused for a wee while.

but to be honest it really is easy and fun to do and works like a treat.

ease of use – 10 out of 10
instillation (on the mAc but available for most OS) – 7 out of ten.

if you use Ical (or Mozilla Sunbird/Lightning, Rainlendar or Evolution) and Googlemail and owned a computer before windows, you have no excuse not to be using this system.

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