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A wee trip to the fringe.

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I have an enjoyable day out at the Edinburgh fringe on friday with the wee ones. We kicked about Edinburgh and its 3D nature while taking in 4 shows from the fringe programme.

First we went to see the magnificently titled Princess Pumpalot, the farting princess. (subtitled) – She’s a Princess and she farts. What more do you need to know? Based on the book of the same title by Robin Mitchell, it tells the story of the King and Queen and Wihffyville and their daughter, Princess Pumpalot. as she turns 18 she has to use cans of beans to the solve many different storyline based capers. It is a great wee show,face paced with an crazy storyline, likeable characters and lots of fart jokes. It made both the children laugh, it also made me laugh which was even better.

The second show we saw was the Remember Doctor Bubble – The Bubble Magician, where a gentle and slightly dramatic narrative, is a way to get through the different ways and stages of delighting with bubbles. Bubbles are amazing and the show does a good job of bringing different ways of making bubbles to the audience. The star attraction is the opportunity for children to actually be put inside a bubble. It works well and we left happy.

We left with enough time to get to see Harry Bakers show The Sunshine Kid at the Banshee labyrinth. the show is great and reviews are awesome. Unfortunately I had missed the fact that the venue was over 18’s only and the wee ones were clearly not over 18. I was stopped at the door, and as such we had to find something else to do. Using the fringe app, I checked was on nearby for children. It recommended the show, called “Funz and Gamez Tooz”

Funz and Gamez Tooz is the return to the fringe of a children show which has been converted to an iPlayer pilot, apparently being screened in September. Well I say it’s a children show, the first hint that it may not be was when the 20-year-old student giving me a leaflet for the show told me how much it was a show for her. This Daily Record piece actually gives you the feel of the show. I wonder about recommending this show. It is rude, it is crude, there was at least one audience wide sharp intake of breath with a communal thought of “you can’t give that to a child!” (While the three students in the audience were wetting themselves). We had jokes and risky sexual practices, drugs references, insurance fraud, lap dancing, pedophilia. It is a packed hour. Most of these jokes went over the heads of the wee ones I was with. Yet it was very funny and the biggest wee one thought is was amazing and brilliant. They both laughed and enjoyed it, but could I recommend it. I don’t know.

It strikes me that really great comedy doesn’t need to get its jokes from some of the subjects there. and take the market leaders in children comedy, horrible history, the Simpsons, Pixar films, they manage to deal with life in a way which is real and at the same time absent of the need to push the limits of whats children entertainment is. Currently I consider the former BBC series “Sorry I have No Head” to be the best comedy for children of the last few years, Its key was being funny, genuinely funny in ways that adults find funny without having to make jokes like above it taped jokes which were subversive and multilayered. I left unsure about this show. Anyway I did laugh a lot and also saw richard from pointless in the queue, he is very tall.

jay-foreman-JVB-CMYK-236x300 finally we went to see “Jay Foreman’s Disgusting Songs for Revolting Children (and Other Funny Stories)” 50 minutes of songs which made us laugh it was good, with more than a hint of the surreal running through it. Highlights included the songs “Caterpillar sick”, “I hired my Cleaner” and “Stealing food”. It was a great way to round off a good day of laughter, songs, bubbles and farting.