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Films about family #Mistakenforstrangers and #thelegomovie


Over the last two weeks I have seen two films. Thats good going for me, normally I get to see a 5 or 6 childrens films and 1or2 non family friendly films a year in the cinema. And generally it ranks in this way

Aardman films, rare quality with humour and delight.
Pixar films, very good generally.
Big films, (christopher nolans batman films, lord of the rings series, etc.) usually good towards very good.
Other childrens films, usually bland to ok with notable standouts, cloudy chance of meatballs, the first shrek, frozen and tangled. But normally not great.

So with great pleasure I have to report seeing two movies with asked questions of me. Questions which both made me laugh, made me think and asked me to evaluate myself against my perceptions of who i am.

First up was the lego movie.

It started well with a psychedelic style sequence within the first ten minutes, marking out that this isn’t just a lego sales pitch (of course thats part of it). As a movie it is quality, it is well scripted, well designed and features several changes of pace that seemed just right for the movie. The producers of the movie did a the similar trick with the cloudy with a chance of meatballs series of movies. Special mention must go to an unexpected end sequence. It is perhaps the strangest and most satisfying part of the film. It puts the film back into perspective and sks questions of those watching, and left me wondering How i act, and where i think things are. As a film the whole thing can be read many ways, and I am concious that I read into it, and yes it pressed certain buttons for me, but as a satifying movie experience I liked it immensely.

The second film was Mistaken for Strangers, shown as part of the Glasgow Film Festival.

What can I say about mistaken for strangers. First despite it being a film about a rock band on the cusp of superstardom, it isnt really about the band. The band provide the backdrop and the most of the soundtrack but its a wider stories about brothers, and family. Following one brothers attempt to work on a year long world tour. its in thetrailer that thing may not work out as well as expected. Beyond this it is very enjoyable, and really funny. Very funny indeed. In the same way you don’t have to be a sister to relate to the charactors in frozen, you dont have to have a brother to get the questions this film is askin,. or see the humor in this film. It was really good and I really enjoyed it.

Both these films have asked me questions about who I am, how I relate to others in my family. Both have been part of an enjoyable process to ask these questions and I suppose thats what art should be, something which asks you questions and allows space for the consideration of answers. For that I am truely thankful to both films.

The Best Film in the world…ever?

Have you heard about best film ever…The Expendables.

To be honest I have problem with any film written and directed by Sylvester Stallone, especially when he makes himself the top actor. The redeeming feature of the film is the rest of the cast.
Jason Statham
Mickey Rourke
Sylvester Stallone
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Brittany Murphy
Charisma Carpenter
Jet Li
Dolph Lundgren
Eric Roberts
Steve Austin
Randy Couture

So lets be honest. the story will be rubbish, the dialogue, will be rubbish but full of quoteable one liners. The only way this could be better is if Milla Jovovich turned up as “Alice” from Resident evil or maybe as “Lelu” from the 5th element. turned up.

honestly bring it on, in all its rubbishness.

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Ping Pong addiction


I have watched several foreign language films. some being delightful, some being good, some being weird but awesome.

none have got under my skin like ping-pong. it was on TV last night and it just spoke to me again.

the more i watch the film the more i want to watch the film. (small recap – the film is the story of two friends. they differ and life takes turns over the course of a year but table tennis runs a path through the friends differing paths.) There is just something about the film I love. it makes sense. I guess it is a part of me.

the film has an atmosphere which draws me in. I just like it.

Unfortunately for me the wife can’t stand it.
Fortunately for me it is usually on the TV late at night after my wife is much bothered about watching TV!

last night it was on
last night i stayed up for the entire movie.

It was good to see again.

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I am the King of the Internet (Beta version) 2

Last night ended up watching the end of “Resident Evil: Apocalypse”. Mediocre as films go but watchable. As i watched it one song came into my head. Kind sums a lot of stuff up.

This is the best time of the day—the dawn
The final cleansing breath unsullied yet
By acrid fume or death’s cacophony
The rank refuse of unchained ambition
And pray, deny me not but know me now,
Your faithful retainer stands resolute
To serve his liege lord without recompense
Perchance to fall and perish namelessly
No flag-draped bier or muffled drum to set
The cadence for a final dress parade
But it was not always thus—remember?
Once you worshipped me and named me a god
In many tongues and made offering lest
I exact too terrible a tribute

Take heed for I am weary, ancient
And decrepit now and my time grows short
There are no honorable frays to join

Only mean death dealt out in dibs and dabs
Or horror unleashed from across oceans
Assail me not with noble policy
For I care not at all for platitude
And surrender such tedious detail
To greater minds than mine and nimbler tongues
Singular in their purpose and resolve
And presuming to speak for everyman

Oh, for another time, a distant field
And there a mortal warrior’s lonely grave
But duty charges me remain until
The end the last battle of the last war
Until that ‘morrow render unto me
That which is mine my stipend well deserved
The fairest flower of your progeny
Your sons, your daughters your hopes and your dreams
The cruel consequence of your conceit

“Warrior”, from the album “The Revolution Starts Now” by Steve Earle

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Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda is great.

We hit a 10 am showing of the film at the Vue cinema at Hamilton. Quite good fun.
The story is the a group of kung fu masters have to protect the valley from an enemy who is better than they are. The olod kung fu master says he will pick the next “dragon warrior”, but instead of picking the masters asembled picks a panda who has never trained in kung fu.

The film is basically the story of how the outsider comes into save the day, or does he??

Loved it.
I hadn’t heard anything about the film before hand. I laughed out loud several times and thought the twist was nice. The film does kinda signpost the way the story will delevop and you can guess the way the eding will go. so storywise it’s not “memento”.

it was fun, enjoyable and good. I would say go see it.
My son who’s almost 3(!) has it now as one of his favourite films which is nice.

go see it. it’s fun. see the trailer here

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