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20fifteen (volume 10) by Laconic hegemony, a #mixtape for you


The new Laconic Hegemony “20fifteen (volume 10)” is now out. Laconic hegemony is a small mixtape i put out with my favourite songs of the past year. you can listen to all, some or none of it. it is your choice. All these songs have been songs which have accompanied my over this year and mean something to me in some way, but I am aware they do mean anything to you. so feel free to have a listen and let me know what you like of the mixtape. think of it as a c60 (roughly of goodness to accompany your work rest and play!

20fifteen (Laconic hegemony volume 10) by Sch3lp on Mixcloud

Technically my mixtape are hosted by mixcloud.com who provide the free widget above, an app for listening on your smart phone or even using a website, (A website, can you imagine!) The reason I use mix cloud is they are free, (which is important) and also they use their advertising income to pay royalties to the featured artists. I guess it is not a lot of money but I like the idea that the artist will make something from this randomly being played on the internet.

Who have you influenced

recently I introduced my friend Carolann to a band she had never heard of before.
She really liked them.

recently she told me about my sphere of influence. In particular how i have inadvertently added to the musical choices of two of the worlds biggest rock gods.

I influenced Carolann
Carolann influenced her friend who works in London. How really likes them as well.
Carolann’s friend influenced his boss. He is famous in TV and Radio.
The Boss influenced Pink Floyd’s old drug dealer. He’s the former drug dealer for Pink Floyd.
The Former Drug Dealer influenced Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd are possibly the biggest rock band ever.
Pink Floyd influenced Meat Loaf. you can call him Mr. Loaf.

so there you are.

I have influenced the music that Pink Floyd and Meat Loaf are listening to.
and the band, yeah, the band rock. I’m From Barcelona who played Indian Summerfestival in Glasgow last weekend. (I remember it being later last year?)

I’m From Barcelona website

I’m From Barcelona

I was in london for something which turned a bit weird.
But anyway I managed to while in the village find my way around the city. I went to the apple shop, Hamleys, Covent garden, Houses of parliament, trafalgar square, soho, the South bank and stuff.

I also made it to the Rough Trade store in Neils Yard. I went looking for The Danielson album, ended up buying the Viva Voce album, anyway, While there I noticed a poster advertising a Free concert the week after by “I’m From Barcelona”. I got excited. Perhaps the new album was out. but alas no, the album wasn’t out until the week after. this week I managed to get my hands on the album and what a thing of joy it is.

Imagine, belle and sebastian crossed with the polyphonic spree with the pop sensabilities of abba and you have a pretty good idea what this 29 person strong swedish pop group actually sound like.This weekend I managed to buy the album in Avalanche Records in glasgow.

The album, “Let Me Introduce My Friends” is very good.
It is just at times dreamy pop with a real fun edge to it. I am seriously considering this in my top 3 CD’s of the year.

In order to give you a taste of teh album below is the you tube link to the video for one of the stand out track, “We’re From Barcelona”. you know what to do.

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