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part 2(016) by Laconic Hegemony (vol 13), a #mixtape for you.


The new Laconic Hegemony “part 2(016)” is now out. Laconic hegemony is a small mixtape I put out with my favourite songs of the past year. You can listen to all, some or none of it. it is your choice. All these songs have been songs which have accompanied my over this year and mean something to me in some way, but I am aware they do not currently mean anything to you. Think of it as a c60 (roughly) of goodness to accompany your work rest and play!, and is so inclined, let me know what you like from the mixtape.

Mixcloud Mixes Object

Technically my mixtape are hosted by mixcloud.com who provide the free widget above, an app for listening on your smart phone or even using a website, (A website, can you imagine!) The reason I use mixcloud.com is they are free, (which is important) and also they use their advertising income to pay royalties to the featured artists. I guess it is not a lot of money but I like the idea that the artist will make something from this randomly being played on the internet.

#Bestof2015, musical albums, the Long List of Long Players.


So in 2015 i got some music and liked a lot of it. here is the long list from which my top three albums of the year will be chosen in some order. As always all musical albums I heard for the first time in 2015 are eligible for consideration and the selection decision is my own.

What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World by The Decemberists
Stranger Kings by Stranger Kings
Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Think by Courtney Barnett
Short Movie by Luara Marling
The Shakes by Herbert
The Scene Between by The Go! Team
Growing up is for Trees by I’m From Barcelona
Goon by Tobias Jesso jr
Apologues by Masatoshi Fujita
Song Spells, No. 1: Cedarsmoke by Sea Wolf
Hello I Feel The Same by The Innocence Mission
Eas by Iain Morrison
Amor Supremo by Carla Morrison
Depression Cherry by Beach House
Currents by Tame Impala

and in case you missed it, below is volume 10 of my mixtape series Laconic Hegemony, “20fifteen” containing some of my favourite songs of 2015

20fifteen (Laconic hegemony volume 10) by Sch3lp on Mixcloud

The Best of 2014 mixtape – Roll away the stone (Laconic Hegemony vol.9)

well ten songs form the best 10 albums of 2014, (well I mean the 10 albums I like the most in 2014). so we have a mix of pop, rock, some avant grade, some quieter stuff, a bit of dutch miserablism and even some world music from Ibibio Sound Machine. When you put it all together in a 34minute mixtape it all sounds a wee bit like this. (Happy Listenings!)

Mixcloud Mixes Object

1.Bad Law by Sondre Lerche.
2.Standing in Line by Steve Taylor & The Perfect Foil.
3.Little Moments by Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.
4.I’m Running (Nya Fehe) by Ibibio Sound Machine.
5.Landlocked by Fanfarlo.
6.Rockin On The Good Side by Jad Fair & Danielson.
7.Detroit by At The Close Of Every Day.
8.Je T’Aime by Meaghan Smith.
9.Blue Moon by Beck.
10.Silver Katherine by Damien Jurado.

Laconic Hegemony vol.8 – 16 songs which travelled well from 2014, #mixtape

Think of it like a virtual version of a mixtape cassette which I am giving you, only without DJ’s crashing the vocals.
Mixcloud Mixes Object

The New Pornographers Brill Bruisers
St Vincent Digital Witness
Belleruche Minor Swing
Pete Molinari You Will be Mine
Sun Kil Moon I Love My Dad
George Ezra Budapest
July Talk The Garden
Jeremy Fisher Song In My Heart
A Sunny Day In Glasgow MTLOV (Minor Keys)
Gungor I Am Mountain
Jenny Lewis One of the Guys
Barenaked Ladies Boomerang
Lake Street Drive Bobby Tanqueray
smoke Fairies Bones
Andy Minero The Saints (feat. KB & Trip Lee)
Nostalgia 77 Don’t Run
Yumi Zouma The Brae

13for2013 – a Laconic Hegemony mixtape

13for2013 by Laconic hegemony, (my irregular mixtape), is out and available in the box below and on mixcloud.com, this is awesome because you can listen in the box below and also using the mixcloud app on your smart phone/tablet to enable listenings to the mixes wherever you can connect to the internets.

Remember the rules people, this the my favourite songs of last year, they don’t have to have been released in 2013 but they do have to been listened too for the first time (consciously) by myself during 2013.

LaconicHegemony13for2013 by Sch3lp on Mixcloud

Laconic Hegemony is my irregular mixtape, it comes out whenever I get the feeling, and usually the end of year is the time i get to it. I had gone slow on this one. I had been a bit reticent about the legality of making a mixtape and giving it away for download on the interweb. I mean I am all about the music and letting people hear stuff, but I wondered how much this would affect artists, and I am all for artists getting paid for their art.

In line with this new mix for the new year comes a new home, mixcloud.com, an internet start up trying to mix up hosting music and podcasts with a social network thing on it. The key advantages are, first they have done a deal with the PRS so all the artist get payed royalties, (). The second advantage is the availability of live streaming via the app to your smart phone. This streaming means we can get around the problem of downloading the mix which had provoked some of my previous discomfort.

I am hopeful it will do well and hopefully i will be able to do more soon. I also plan to upload the entire Laconic Hegemony back catalogue (including the mysterious never released Laconic hegemony 5 REMembering(?).

more soon.

20/11 songs – Laconic Hegemony, vol.6

The Chair.

Laconic Hegemony, vol 6 is available for download from Soundcloud or for listening to live here using the embed below.
Vol.6 is a collection of my favourite songs from 2011,

(The critera, to remind you, is any music I have heard for the first time in 2011. So the album may not have been released in 2011 but thats when I heard it, then it is in. I am not sure it is as random as previous efforts and perhaps not as ramshackle as previous mixtapes, but it is there for you.

For the best listening experience, try listening blind and a tracklisting will go up tomorrow or wednesday at some point.

(as a point of interest ‘REMembering’ Laconic Hegemony, vol.5 was never released publicly. but is available if you want it?)

Laconic Hegemony – 2 mixtapes

laconic hegemony
Laconic Hegemony vol 1 & 2 is available for download now.

Laconic Hegemony vol 1
features music from, Aimee Mann, My Morning Jacket, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Anathallo, Death Cab for Cutie and other artists.

Laconic Hegemony Vol. 2
features music from, Chairlift, Vampire Weekend, Fleet Foxes, Ron sexsmith, Denison Witmar, Waterdeep and others.

Download the mixtape now!!!
(i have listened to these and, somewhat surprisingly, they are both very good listening!)

download instructions ;
(click on the link above, click on free user, wait the 40 seconds, click on the blue circle which has a picture of an arrow and the word download on it. click on save on the pop up box and it will save to your computer for you to play. once yourdownlad has started you can move around the web with impunity, safe in the knowledge that your download will continue to download.)

Laconic Hegemony (mixtape 1 and 2)

laconic hegemony
So you decide to record a podcast. You try to find a hosting solution for free which won’t take the files as they are too big. You find that the files as they are sort of a mix tape of the music you have enjoyed over 2008, so brakes copyright protection laws, so no one will take the podcast as it illegal.

Outwith the legality of buying something as using it as you then wish. I have struggled to see how to get these out here. So for you and you only! (okay tell your friends). I have made an mp3 mixtape featuring the best music from 2008.

Laconic Hegemony part 1 – (the best tracks from albums i heard in 2008 (track numbers 1-4)) and Laconic Hegemony part 2 – (the best tracks from albums i heard in 2008 (track number 5-21)). Are available to be downloaded from your local online download file hosting. You do need to get through my wittering. Also the production values of volume 2 is better than volume 1 but some great music form some bands you have never heard of before awaits.

Laconic Hegemony part 1
http://rapidshare.com/files/202943473/Laconic_Hegemony_vol_1.mp3 (featuring The Hold Steady, Death Cab for Cutie, Aimee Mann, The Social Services, Iain Archer, Burial and more)
Laconic Hegemony part 2
http://rapidshare.com/files/202958216/Laconic_Hegemony_vol_2.mp3 (featuring Elbow, She and Him, Denison Whitmer, Jenny Lewis, Waterdeep and more including a surprise headliner for the music!)

enjoy if you have the inclination to downlaod and listen