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Sim card searching, (or roaming in the gloaming).

Unexpectedly, my mobile phone service provider has written to me, telling me, I have a short time to find a new deal or they would just move me. By moving me there would increase you costs form £9 to £14. This notification came as a shock. I was not expecting it. My current deal is £9 per month for unlimited phone calls, unlimited texts and 4Gb of mobile data. I like the unlimited feature of that deal and as it was a special offer price with a major network, I was pleased with the price. My current deal doesn’t allow tethering of my iPad to my phone, and on the rare occasions I cannot use Wi-Fi, I thought tethering would be nice to have.

So armed with the price point, the details of the deal I already had and the idea of adding a tethering allowance, I set out to look for a new deal. I asked on Facebook and Twitter for recommendations for new deals. In the course of looking at what was recommended, a couple of things become important.

1- The importance of Wi-Fi calling. 

Wi-Fi calling is the ability of your phone to receive calls over Wi-Fi when the Service strength is non existent. I currently live in a house dating back to 1820’s. the construction method seems to be walls can be very thick in order to provide insulation. The walls are 2-3ft thick. The service level within the house is terrible. As such the ability for the phone to make and receive calls using the Wi-Fi in the property is key towards the phone being useable.

A wide variety of mobile phone service providers do not include this with their Sim only offerings.

2- The importance of being international.

I was thinking will it work the last three places I have been, and the next three places I am likely to go internationally. The last three places I have visited were Australia, Turkey and Cyprus. The next likely destinations are the US, Finland and Ethiopia. (I didn’t think I travelled that often!)

Cyprus and Finland are in the EU, and as such UK phone service providers have to provide a roaming service that covers the EU, under the rules of EU. Ethiopia is a nightmare given its mobile phone infrastructure so it is unreasonable to expect anything there. Australia, the US and Turkey though are interesting.  The mobile service provider Three have an arrangement within the US and Australia to ensure the deal you have in the UK, is the same deal you use in the US and Australia. (Three’s roaming destinations are specified here). Some other companies offer a similar usage deal but charge an additional fee, (a previous network cost me £5 per day in order to use my UK allowances while visiting the US). Turkey is not a member of the EU, so prices vary markedly. I mostly used my phone on the hotel Wi-Fi, (hello Wi-Fi Calling), but deals on Turkey mobile phone service are not easily obtainable and usually it is a default international call rate.

It is quite amazing how many of the mobile phone service providers do not offer anything once you leave the EU with their Sim only offerings.

3- Tethering is included mostly

Mostly tethering is included widely, who knew?
Technology, am I right?

So what will I do now?

Look for a Sim only deal as before but now the criteria is clearer we can look again in depth.

  • Unlimited calls
  • unlimited texts
  • 4gb of mobile data
  • Wi-Fi calling allowed
  • International agreement with US and Austrailia at least
  • Tethering allowed.

If I find all that and more within my price point I will have got a good deal.

New Phone – Nokia e65

two weeks ago I got a new phone.
after 3 years of using the motorola razr, it has gone into the recycle pile.
It was old. had problems holding it’s charge, bits had fallen off and it had started phoning people from my pocket which was slightly dodgy.

the e65 got great write ups and looked cool.
the problem was i couldn’t find one in the shops.
so we walked in and asked for it as an upgrade. they had some in the shop but not on display. Cost £20 as an upgrade and the deal was done in 15 minutes or so.

It is 3G running symbian software. It has the blackberry software for e-mail stuff.
I don’t inted to use half it’s functions. but of the cool things i have fould recently is.

It can use WiFi to surf the internet. Meaning I don’t need to use the (O2) provided internet service on my phone. But I am still able to use the 3G usefulness in specific situations.

It has a mute button. just so handy.

it’s actually a good phone. The reception is good, the microphone sounds reasonably lifelike and the loudspeaker sounds quite good.

the only annoying thing so far is the fiddly way of confirming everything. the middle button, which you can use for selecting, you go to the phone book, select the name, sellect the number, select you want to call
then you select between voice or video call.
frankly its a bit to much for me.

anyway generally very good. The photo’s of the watch in the post below were taken in by the phone and look reasonable for a phone photo.

so new phone, and it is going well.

Oh, sorry I forgot.
Nokia in their wisdom have a suite of software which goes with the phone. It’s only compatable with windows. Hello. Mr Nokia. some people are not Windows users. Please could we have some Mac compatability?

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