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“2018, What a year that was” Laconic Hegemony (vol 16), a #mixtape for you.

The new Laconic Hegemony “2018, What a year that was” is now out. Laconic hegemony is a small mixtape I put out with my favourite songs of the past year. You can listen to all, some or none of it. It is your choice. All these songs have been songs which have accompanied my over this year and mean something to me in some way, but I am aware they do not currently mean anything to you. Think of it as a c60 (roughly) of goodness to accompany your work rest and play!, If you are so inclined, let me know what you like from the mixtape.

Technically the Laconic Hegmony mixtapes are hosted by mixcloud.com who provide the free widget above, an app for streaming on your smart phone or even using a website, (A website, can you imagine!) The reason I use mixcloud.com is they are free, (which is important), and also they use their advertising income to pay some royalties to the featured artists. I guess it is not a lot of money but I like the idea that the artist will make something from this randomly being played on the internet.

#indyref songs 6 – the nerve by Mutemath

(This is a small blog series using songs to ask questions about the upcoming Scottish independence referendum. Not intended as anything beyond lighthearted.)

Song 6 – The Nerve by MuteMath


What’s the song about?

Can you believe this world’s got the nerve
To insist they won’t trade for a better one?

The song is a consideration of how things are, and attempt to say wake up, look at how things are and take action. Namely set it on fire. I am not sure if the fire we are setting is actually some sort of pyromaniac tendency to reflect disappointment, (they did have a song called pyromania), or if it is some american exhortation to bust a gut.

What questions are similar around the referendum?
Is the independence referendum actually causing people to look anew at things, or it is just entrenching pre held views? Would actually setting things of fire be more effective? Consider a world where you wake up to the injustice of say the banks and you just set them on fire, oh, hold on, isn’t there laws about that kinda thing? Is this song really encouraging some sort of social consciousness based firebombing. Thats dangerous.

What conclusions can we draw about the independence referendum vote?
The independence referendum may not actually be helping open the eyes of the public to bigger issues on how the world can change.
Settling fire to sites of injustice is a crime under law and in no way advisable.


Laconic Hegemony vol 3 – mixtape 2010 – 16songs

laconic hegemony

Laconic Hegemony vol. 3 is available for you to download.
Laconic Hegemony is a mixtape which i irregularly make up and give away to my friends. Volume 3 is record of 16 songs which i think remind me of of 2010. I doubt it will win the 16 best songs of 2010, but 16 good ones, in a neat selection.
It lasts for about an hour and features lots of people who you have never heard of, and some you have, inc. The National, Richard Swift, Foals, Shearwater, Anais Mitchell etc.

consider it a new year present…

::[[click here to get it]]::

::[[click here]]:: for a pdf tracklisting

P.S.i made it using a virtualDJ thing on the computer so if the mix is a bit off. Sorry.