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Films about family #Mistakenforstrangers and #thelegomovie


Over the last two weeks I have seen two films. Thats good going for me, normally I get to see a 5 or 6 childrens films and 1or2 non family friendly films a year in the cinema. And generally it ranks in this way

Aardman films, rare quality with humour and delight.
Pixar films, very good generally.
Big films, (christopher nolans batman films, lord of the rings series, etc.) usually good towards very good.
Other childrens films, usually bland to ok with notable standouts, cloudy chance of meatballs, the first shrek, frozen and tangled. But normally not great.

So with great pleasure I have to report seeing two movies with asked questions of me. Questions which both made me laugh, made me think and asked me to evaluate myself against my perceptions of who i am.

First up was the lego movie.

It started well with a psychedelic style sequence within the first ten minutes, marking out that this isn’t just a lego sales pitch (of course thats part of it). As a movie it is quality, it is well scripted, well designed and features several changes of pace that seemed just right for the movie. The producers of the movie did a the similar trick with the cloudy with a chance of meatballs series of movies. Special mention must go to an unexpected end sequence. It is perhaps the strangest and most satisfying part of the film. It puts the film back into perspective and sks questions of those watching, and left me wondering How i act, and where i think things are. As a film the whole thing can be read many ways, and I am concious that I read into it, and yes it pressed certain buttons for me, but as a satifying movie experience I liked it immensely.

The second film was Mistaken for Strangers, shown as part of the Glasgow Film Festival.

What can I say about mistaken for strangers. First despite it being a film about a rock band on the cusp of superstardom, it isnt really about the band. The band provide the backdrop and the most of the soundtrack but its a wider stories about brothers, and family. Following one brothers attempt to work on a year long world tour. its in thetrailer that thing may not work out as well as expected. Beyond this it is very enjoyable, and really funny. Very funny indeed. In the same way you don’t have to be a sister to relate to the charactors in frozen, you dont have to have a brother to get the questions this film is askin,. or see the humor in this film. It was really good and I really enjoyed it.

Both these films have asked me questions about who I am, how I relate to others in my family. Both have been part of an enjoyable process to ask these questions and I suppose thats what art should be, something which asks you questions and allows space for the consideration of answers. For that I am truely thankful to both films.

don’t talk about Love.


at school yesterday Mr Beggs let a session around Love. Using the second Nooma video “Flame!” where rob bell drives abit, walks abit carrying manstuff, and then burns a massive amount of trees.
Anyway before we watched the Rob Bell speak Hebrew alot, Mr Beggs got us do do some exercises on Love.

Firstly list ten things you love.
I decided to list ten things I love which are not related, or lived in by me.
1 Blu Tac
2 Concrete
3 Shrews (we have one in the garden)
4 Frogs (we have 4 in the garden)
5 Tress (we… you can guess the sentence)
6 Bed. (I don’t live in it but it is nice)
7 Reading books (some what aspirational for me)
8 Quizzes
9 Flags (such simple things but great design within a very strict set of rules.)
10 thoughts. (can never have enough)

after this he asked us to list all the songs, movies and books with love in the title. I won’t repeat all my answers for this but suffice to say I did OK.

the most interesting part of this though was the third part where he asked us to listen to 6 songs about love and write down our thoughts ideas or questions. This led to a real big number of questions. If you can answer them, then please do so!

– What does it take to Love something (inanimate object) is it the association of someone you love or and experience which creates love for that object?
– Can you Believe in Love? (separating Love as a concept of God)
– Is love experience or faith?
– Whats the relationship between alcohol and love?
– Can love be “Kidding Love” or is it always “serious love”
– Is Love an agent of Uncontrollable urges?
– Is love external to ourselves?
– What is Love?
– Do we sustain others with our Love. (You’ve got the love I need to see me through?)
– Do we only have a finite amount of loveand beyond that limit we are out of Love?

possibly the best answer ever given?

so when plating with the newish, and rather cool Wolfram Alpha search engine I asked the obvious question. Below is the type of answer which possibly will save the internet from itself.


I like a search engine that is not afraid to give you a shrug of its shoulders and the ubiquitous “dunno” answer.

p.s. on the other big question, yes, the answer is still 42.


Am I the only one getting random messages from hot young ladies who are bored and about to turn on their webcam? I ask this as I currently keep four bebo’s for me and work stuff, yet my own is the only one which gets these types of messages.

It’s a mystery!