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1000 – a reflection.


I have been blogging for 1000 posts, I have sent 8457 tweets, add this to my recent birthday, and I have been alive for 14247 days on this earth, so probably a time for reflection.

I have learned a lot, but no where near enough. I am pretty sure i am good at somethings, and terrible at others but I probably know enough about stuff to have muddle on through.

I feel old. I know I am not old But I am probably in the 2nd half of my life. But not really taking care of myself in the first half or putting my body at risk is taking its toll. (Eating too much is one example of this. Time to do the hard thing and change that and some other things).

I don’t communicate enough. I know sometimes I struggle to communicate, and to say stuff. I want to change that, and going back to academic studies has helped me to one be more confident when I speak. (Yes I know a low bar) but also to feel like I have something to contribute and say which is worth while.

I like who I am and who I have become. I don’t think I have always been right or done the right thing, but I am here, and i think here is a pretty good place. I think there are some things I need to do differently, but I like that.

I like that.

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White noise 17

nb. – White Noise is an attempt to provide a weekly update on my life.

Last week/this week:
last week was good. i managed to do my three days of work well without too much hassle. we had a good time. my secret meeting on Thursday was exciting and has given me lots to think about!

tonight i am going to the deep event the salvation army run once a month in Glasgow. I have heard much about it but have never been so it should be fun. tomorrow we are doing something family wise but not sure what.

this week is quite normal. I am working Monday to Friday, probably from home on Wednesday. The car needs a service on Wednesday. on Thursday i think i am off to see Andrew Bird with rich, should be fun week really.

Main Idea In Your Hand
Lots of stuff about thePROJECT:2 (In the flesh)
and fingerprint resistant glasses lenses for the parents of toddlers.
(Jacob just climbed on my head and manager to obscure 50% of the vision in my glasses left lense)

Best laid plans:
I put my contacts in this morning. the left one seemed funny.
i took it out and put it back in. it seemed sore
I could feel it had moved but couldn’t find it in my eye.
My wife came and looked and told me it had folded over and was at the top of my eye. She managed to pick it out. It was then we discovered the contact lense has split in two halves while in my eye and we spend twenty minutes while she then picked out the other half. (Sore as her nails are quite long!)
yeah but i am glad she did it. so i need to get new contacts on monday.

I don’t wanna:
get out of bed this morning.
so now everything has been delayed or truncated. today is not as i had planned last night.

A collection of Literature:
Reading chapter three of Slavoj ZIZek’s “the fragile absolute.”
He has moved on the place of the art and the sacred, how in modernism art was used to take the place of the sacred. how postmodern art has embraced trash, and how this incompassing of trash has done away with the place of the sacred meaning post modern art need to support the existance of a place for the scared while replacing the art with trash. This is as a result of the perversions become envolped into mainstream which has done away with the job perversions used to do.
or summit.

this week i went kinda old school and burned some old cds to mp3 so this was the week of –
the Gotee Brothers – ERACE
Earthsuit – Kaleidoscope Superior
Rich Mullins – The Canticles of the Plains
The Album Leaf back catalogue
the stand out album i did listen too this week was Rufus Wainwright’s Want One Album. Glorious, over the top and georgous. It is a beautiful album, and just wonderful music.

5 words to describe how i am feeling:
watching the sound of music

White noise 16 (15’s on holiday)

nb. – White Noise is an attempt to provide a weekly update on my life.

Last week/this week:
Last week we were on holiday. so for the next few days we are holidaying at home.
which will be grand! back to work on Wednesday

Last weekend we were privileged to attend the wedding of Jenn & Jim. They were both on the team I went to Tanzania with a couple of years ago. I also don’t mean to blow my own trumpet but i did play a small role in getting them together initially. Had a good couple of days around Kettering and stonkingly good weather day for the wedding in the small village of Orlingbury. We then went to Centre Parcs at Sherwood forest for some relax time. we really did relax and not do alot. it was nice to go for a walk sometimes, stay in some time, eat out, eat in, have ducks and geese and moor hens also confident being around humans. (Yip they were scrounging mostly but confident neither the less.)

This week we have the holiday continuing until Wednesday then back to the old routine, I think I am in Easterhouse on Wednesday, working from home on Thursday and in Easterhouse on Friday but all that could change!

Main Idea In Your Hand
The main idea I am working on is around thePROJECT:two More details to follow hopefully sometime in the following week.

Best laid plans:
For the wedding I hired the full kilt outfit. it’s a wedding, it’s what you do. so we went away down to see the wedding in a beautiful wee village down south, i noted we seemed to be photographed quite alot. I didn’t get how much we should be noticed for our dress. At it’s most pronounced, as i was walking along a village street a family walked towards me, the young girl in the family, started waving to me as i walked towards them, she had never seen someone in a kilt outfit before and was waving to check i was real and see if i would wave back. (I did.) it did feel quite weird in a lot of ways.
Stranger still when we returned to the hotel, a different photographer with a different wedding stopped me as asked for a couple of shots. Apparently I looked so proud and noble! so who knows where my shots will end up but if you are looking through a wedding catalogue or summit similar, and see a slightly confused, noble and proud looking guy in a kilt outfit, that’s probably me!

I don’t wanna:
go back to work.
having time off has been really nice

A collection of Literature:
Reading chapter three of Slavoj ZIZek’s “the fragile absolute.” the chapter where he talks about coke and diet coke, and caffeine free diet coke being the ultimate symbol of consumerisms oppression of society. gentle holiday reading obviously.

The main song I have been listening to is “Gimme Shelter by the rolling stones due it seemingly being used on adverts everywhere.

5 words to describe how i am feeling:
relaxed, chilled, happy, thinking, tired.

white noise 14 (white noise 12 & 13 are M.I.A.)

nb. – White Noise is an attempt to provide a weekly update on my life.

Last week/this week:
been a strange one.

with work being a building site and alternative accommodation being unconducive to doing work of any kind. I have been working from home. Monday i was on site, Tuesday i was at home. Wednesday we had a break in and a food parcel request so back in Easterhouse, Thursday home and Friday being a holiday was a day of lazing about and playing with Jacob. quite nice really.
also this week i helped out a couple of days with the holiday club in church at lanark. it was really enjoyable. it is was partly some of what Carberry used to give me.
I also did the service on Thursday at the church. it was an interesting experience which i will blog about subsequently.

next week
well today we are at the continental market in Lanark High Street then having friends over – Fraser and Rachel.
tomorrow we are at the Lanark loch walk and Easter Sunday service in the morning and with my wives family for an Easter meal.
Monday is a holiday.
then working through the week. lots of admin stuff about to do next week.

Main Idea In Your Hand
(more a problem than an idea) feedback – how can you give real time feedback to someone who is delivering a speech or talk, yeah text or twitter maybe there, but for the majority of people in the communities i work with, twitter is not an option. Maybe a text but that is kinda problematic. How do we give feedback to those who talk?
any ideas?

Best laid plans:
getting addicted to The Wire. it’s not on fridays. somehow i feel listless and uncomfortable. Should i really be this into a TV program?
The wire is kinda weird. it is just like, NYPD Blue, Law and Order, CSI, but feels like a different world to them all. the stand alone, yet on going drama. It is familiar enough to be comfortable veiwing, but it is different enough to be somewhere else. quite amazing TV.

I don’t wanna:
do admin.
I think i am uninspired

A collection of Literature:
not done much reading this week to be honest

just the ipod on shuffle.
nothing really caught me this week
OH – except a fantastic remix of Britney spears maneater. honestly the thing is wonderful. it is stunning.
I will find it again and blog the details. unusual but wonderful.

5 words to describe how i am feeling:
tired, relaxed, worried, happy, unsure.

white noise 11 – (on time, even early)

nb. – White Noise is an attempt to provide a weekly update on my life.

Last week/this week:
last week ended up working wuite hard including a 13hour day on wednesday. nice! thursday i spend mostly at home, and friday i just felt knacked.

this week
today I am going to see mark steel at the glasgow comedy festival!
We are also going to get a new windscreen on the car and see my wifes mother on her birthday.
tomorrow being mothers day we are seeing my mother and jacob will give his mum his card and present.
all next week is buys althoug i need to take thursday off! more about that later.
Tuesday evening sees the next meeting of the project commitee so hopefully will be there.

Main Idea In Your Hand
Is summer time a rubbish time to reflect and review what happend during the winter? I wonder as it occured to me as soon as the sun comes out then you feel optimistic. changing your feelings about the thing you are reviewing?

Best laid plans:
arranged time off work
arranged for time off nursary for jacob
arranged for the doctors appointment
get into the car and drive to the doctors
realise in the journey the appointment is next week?

I don’t wanna:
get out of bed.
like ever.
i like my bed!

A collection of Literature:
not much time to read last week.

theolonious Monk, Calamataur, Howling Bells,

5 words to describe how i am feeling:
good, tired, fun, excited, interested.

small news update

some news before i start work in depth

*we have almost got to grips with the ground elder and ivy on the garden.

*we now have a kitchen table and chairs and are enjoying sitting round it to eat.(from a company without a website.)

*next job is the roof

*we now have a hose

*we have gooseberry bushes, a pear tree and nettles in the garden. I have a recipe for nettle soup but nothing for gooseberries? anyone?

*My wireless, draft-n modem router is haveing trouble sending the signal round the 2 foot thick walls.

*Jacob’s toilet training is going well

*we need a see through blue fish toilet seat if you see one!

*we are good.

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