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I am an Artist

Using Slideshare.net, I have been putting the powerpoints we use for a monthly youth event on the web. there are three up there, one of which is mine. using slideshare we can put the presentations on the web and poeple can download them if they like.

(I do have a slight agenda in trying to let those who prepare powerpoint for us just how dodgy their powerpoint can look to strangers!)

anyway, 60 people have looked at my powerpoint, and 1 brave wonderful lovely person has been kind enough to add my wee presentation as one of there favourite presentations.

I am an artist! Validated by one in every 60 people on the internet. Fact!

Who is God … Relationship… and what difference does that make to… You?

I am thinking through so stuff for Third Sunday and reading some books. mostly theology on the trinity.

What I want to say is that God is a social being. The way that the three in one (or) one in three can be understood in in a relational way. the meet and talk and know each other by being with each other. This way of understanding God is not the only model, it is a social trinitarianism model based on a economic trinity. (economic trinity= God as God is in relation to creation, God’s self revelation)

“The unity of the trinity subsists in the shared, homogeneous substance of the three divine persons. they are a single divine Being. They are one substance but not one Person”…”Both ways of thinking presuppose that the unity of the Trinity precedes the threeness of the divine Persons, and is not, therefore, itself first constituted by these three persons. ” Moltmann, experiences in theology p321

also see Volf & Welker, God’s Life in Trinity p3-12

“love, therefore, that is, the reciprocal self dedication of the trinitarian members builds the unity of God. There is no God but the Father, Son and Father bound together throughout eternity.” Grenz – Theology for the community of God p71

When you become a christian, enter into a relationship with God and in a mysterious, cool and awesome way you enter into part of the social trinity. not as a god. we are human beings and not divine. We enter not in a full way, but through our relationship with Jesus and indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

‘Jesus high priestly prayer, that his disciples might become one “as you , Father, are in me and I am in you, may they also be in us (John 17:21), presupposes communion with the triune God, mediated through faith and baptism, and aims at it’s eschatological consummation.’ Volf – After Our likeness.p195

“That is the mystical dimension of the felloship of the church. It does not merely ‘correspond’ to to the trinitarian unity of God; it also exists in the Tri-untiy of God, which is open to the world; for through the operation of the father, the son and the spirit it has been taken into the innermost mystery of God.” Moltmann, experiences in theology p330

This means Christians are invited into a perfect relationship. this should change us. it does.
One of the ways this changes us is in relation to the other. (The other being a Philosophical term for that which is seperate and distinct from.) How we treat others and how we seek to deal with others. Looking at the story from genesis 18-19 of the destruction of Sodom and Gamorrah.

“it is a human beings personhood as constitued by by God that results in a person’s not just being determined by the surroundings, but also being able to encounter both societty and nature in freedom precisely as a socially and naturally determined entity”, (personhood being the state bestowed on human beings by God in relation to faith and baptisim) Volf after our likeness p186

“the will to give ourselves to others and “welcome” them, to readjust our identities to make space for them, is prior to any judgment about others, except that’s of identifying them in their humanity.” Volf , Exclusion and Embrace p????

“As the working of together of repentance and faith, conversation marks a great turning point. It is our personal break with the old life and our entrance into the new. … Linked to this turn towards God is a turning towards others. In repentance and faith we leave behind the old self centred way of living and deicate ourselves to follow the example of Jesus, the man for others. We seek the good of all persons, knowing that acts which minister to people in their need are acts of service to Christ (Matt 25v40). …Conversion consitutes a turning to creation as well. Implicit in repentance from our living strictly for ourselves is a new concern for everything God has made. … In all these aspects, conversion also means a turn towards oneself, that is, towards one’s true self as intended by God. Through repentance and faith, we commit ourselves to live out in our own lives the divinely given design for us as humans.” Grenz – Theology for the Community of God p 410-411

I think this is where i am going.

Third Sunday Promo

Just if you are free this sunday and interested.

(the theme is Were you there? (when they crucified My lord?)
I am not sure I have actually pulled that out enough.
The Jesus picture comes from a set of the stations of the cross I downloaded from Jon Birch. He was giving the whole collection away for use as the user saw fit.I as an image it conveys quite alot of sadness and pain in a very simple way.

The text is all different colours except of the Were you there line.

The Oh! is so large baecuase it seeemed to define the space well and draw emphasis to the tremble line, thereby rooting the thoughts about the questions in the songwriters response.

I really like the third sunday block and the font used for the tagline.

i just think it is quite clears and easy to see what we are doing and when.

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