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something i like

I think i know this about me.

I like music alot.
I like female singers on balance better than male singers
I like songs which are deeper that they at first appear sound

as such i am most delighted by Hello Saferide’s “Anna”

(PS watching it High Quality it looks and sounds so much better!)
“Anna” By Hello Saferide

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Desperate for Love?

I love this song, video’s not bad either.

Are you feelin’
A little desperate
Get on your knees
And confess it
Honey please
Don’t second guess it
You’re desperate
For love

Is this just
A little fling
Or is it about
A little bling bling
Either way
You feel the sting sting
You’re desperate
For love

It might only take a kiss
For the plot to take a twist
That you hadn’t counted on

Just a tiny little minute
But eternity will be in it
If you turn me on

Red wine on my lips
Got this black silk slip on my hips
The kitchen faucet just drips and drips
You’re desperate for love

The Olympic handover. 8 minutes of randomness

***I was at greenbelt so missed the 8 minutes of glorious randomness which londons Olympic 2012 team put together. So here in real time are my thoughts as i watched it on youtube.****

Why does Boris not do his suit jacket up?

Why does Boris salute the Beijing major? he did it twice.

kinda cool and kinda weird cartoon bit.

what is this all about?
the bus
hiphop dancers.
the violin music?

slow motion bus entry? that was kinda cool I liked that.

Random road crossing and lollipop lady
Why is the wee girl with the football walking on people to get back to the bus?
I love that opening top bus that rocks

who’s she? is she a random singer or a popular one?
Why is Jimmy Page on a pink raised platform. Oh sorry, the colour changes not always pink.

Is that girl in a ten foot pole going up and down? kinda like a warbling geyser.
Whats’ her name again – the song about bleeding – Leona Lewis thats it.

not exactly a quality version of whole lot of love is it?

beckham, a girl with a ball, a violinist wearing hot pants and a guy playing chello in a skin tight body suit, raising to the sky. That’s random.

Beckham just kicked the ball, that’s exciting! the guy who caught it seems really quite happy about that doesn’t he! Although was he fighting a steward to get it?

The umbrella’s round the bus have cool light effects. Loving the clampet style umbrella thing that was good.

I guess it has set the bar for the actual Olympics themselves in London,  some good, some bizarre, some to ask why?

Feist – Live at Oran Mor – 26/09/07


a concert review

Hopes for the gig were high.
Rich looked tired and sort like he couldn’t be bothered. to be honest. I was up for going out but to be honest i was tired and couldn’t really be bothered.

is a singer songwriter. Rich suggested we go before the summer. I said yes just on the name. I had no real idea what she sounded like. I got the album during the summer. but didn’t really listen to it as I didn’t really think the silhouette style cover really was that exciting.

With the gig coming up I made the effort to listen to the album two or three times.
I noticed her name on radio two. at Graeme’s blog. I knew she was interesting. but I kept on getting interrupted when i tried to listen to the album. In the ended after a week I managed to listen through twice, but at low volume indeed.so i kinda knew some of the songs but not many.

The gig was at Oran Mor in the heart of glasgow’s trendy west end! OOOHHHH. two problems with this. Oran Mor is a Noisy venue. Stand too near the bar and you cannot hear the band. As Rich and (I found out at the Sufjan Stevens gig which was awesome but noisy.The other problem with Oran Mor is trying to park anywhere in the west end I ended up in the pay and display. (£1 all night would you believe)

We got into the venue. It was busy. There were also many signs up informing us that the show was going to be recorded for the BBC. The culture show. nice i like that show. Lauren Lavern, Mark Kermode, the guy who goes round art galleries. class

anyway the support act was a kind of novelty accordion black and white film guy. not particularly pleasant. especially as the all his subtitles and words were at the bottom of the screen and out of sight.

at the change over, rich and i went for the usual position. Around the middle of the stage, around 10-15 rows of people from the front of the stage. Usually we find being reasonably tall that there is a small gap behind us. at Feist some really tall guys stood behind us.

The gig started 5 minutes late. but frankly I didnt’s care. The sound was decent. Although there was the same ringing feedback around Feists vocal all night. (sort it sound technical man. it’s your job to fix it)

considering this and the fact her monitors were really bothering her all gig. it was truely fabulous. we were forward enough to be at the back of the people at the front and with the tall guys behind us couldn’t really hear the noise of the people at the bar chatting all gig.

My one gripe is with people using their cameras to video the gig.
This in itself isn’t to bad. (see youtube for reasons why.)
The problem i have is with small people holding their camera’s above their head to the point they can see the stage which is just in line with my eye line. The small guy in front of me periodically would block half the stage but i could see it all in front of me on a small 2 inch by 2 inch screen. lovely. if only i could see people in real size. wouldn’t it be good?

to be honest.
Great Gig. loved every minute of it.
The reminder is a great about and feist is great fun live. beautiful voice on record and seemingly up for a full dancing video. (see below)
as gigs go it had it all
rough sound, great songs, Unbelievably good lights and a brilliant sense of fun.

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