Brian MacLaren – In Glasgow 7th Dec

brian maclaren is speaking in glasgow on monday night
I have heard him before, most recently at Greeneblt 08, and have read some books of his.
if you are interested I would guess it is worth £5 of your money.
I have a work thing that evening and probably won’t be there, but then again I may be? who knows!
I you are going neal at has a br-ingo sheet for you to print out and play along with.

(small side rant)
Why do events like this happen in the Vertigo Bar of Strathclyde Student Union? Could a proper bar or venue not be found? (Why should I have to join a student union because someone else has decided this is a great venue.) How about a lecture theatre/big room somewhere with drinks afterwards in the local pub? When the Archbishop of Canterbury did a P.A., (Personal Appearance), in Glasgow a wee while ago, it was in a lecture theatre.

To clarify I have no problem with meeting in a pub’s, but for this event using the Vertigo Bar of Strathclyde Univeristy Union as a venue it doesn’t make sense at all. Why the dodgy venue. I can only guess it is an attempt at being edgy and emergent? Sounds like someone is trying to hard.
I don’t see the point, perhaps I just have missed it? if so have please enlighten me.