BROS issues (or Brand and Ross)

Brand and Ross or Bros as i am starting to call them

Brand and Ross or Bros for short

So Russell Brand has quit. Jonathon Ross has been suspended for 12 weeks without pay. Their boss at Radio 2 has also quit

I don’t get it

The guy Andrew Sachs gave his number to the people on the show so they could call him. Having heard the russell brand radio show I wouldn’t give them my phone number because i have heard the show and I would have an idea where it could go to.

Perhaps the most incisive comment i have seen or read has come from Peter Tatchell in the Guardian:-

So far, nearly 30,000 members of the public have lodged complaints. How many of them have complained about the BBC’s tacit glorification and promotion of greed and nastiness in programmes like The Apprentice and The Weakest Link? Why don’t they kick up a fuss when the BBC gives airtime to religious fundamentalists who oppose equal rights for women, gay people and non-believers?

My point is that the public outcry is selective, as is the BBC’s heavy-handed response to Brand and Ross. It is totally out of proportion. A few silly, mindless quips have been elevated by mob instinct and moral panic into a supposed national scandal. It has knocked off the front pages the collapse of share prices, fuel poverty, house repossessions and a dozen other serious economic issues that are adversely affecting millions of Britons.

They might be overpaid and sometimes crude and boorish, but did Brand and Ross mock the victims of a train crash? No. Did they reveal personal details that might put someone at risk of violent attack? No. Did they tell racist gags? No.