carberry people

SO how am I meant to feel.

I found out last night that the young people from carberry want to run the program. No help, no input just them.

they also want to run the children’s program and the young adults program.




relieved (literal)

I don’t know I guess I feel annoyed.

I wanted to get the older group together and discuss how it was time for them to raise up and think about what they want from the festival.

At the weekend we (staff) discussed what would need to be put in place to support and nurture the knowledge needed to do good youth work. Also to ensure that the older young people and the young people being worked with have a good experience and quality product is produced.

why didn’t the young people tell us.

frankly we would have been really happy about that and discussed an taken the ideas forward.

I really feel rejected.

I started doing youth work with these guys 5 years ago this summer. I remember Kimberly asking Dusty why angels are kick ass. Because I had said they were. (I can laugh about it now.)

The rejection of any kind of input to the week has to be a negative aspect to the proposal. The text from Kimberly to Grant was very clear about not having help.

This is worrying. It makes me wonder what the issues these young people see need to be solved/got round. Perhaps I am one of the issues. Perhaps I am the only one.

Perhaps I have just taken it personally because I feel they don’t want/need my help to do the job I currently get paid to do. In the past 3-4 years I have put people in the position of doing carberry without the appropriate support/resourcing/education and seen these people get hurt. I got hurt.

I really believe that the “Carberry People” group can do a great job doing the youth work.

The question is does this mean the end of carberry for us?

I want this to work.

the meeting on the 5th of January will be telling.