Carberry [rsg5] Ideas for next year.

For the last two year I have been involved in the organising commitee for the Festival. (Yes, Matthew It Really Is All My Fault!) This has been a really fun time and has allowed me to get to know other people beyond just chatting at the festival. it has also allowed me to dream about what the festival could be. I have had two development ideas for the festival. I thought I would blog about them here and see how it came out.

Film Festival

I think to often all people want is a chance to sit in a comfy chair. Often this is only achievable in the TV room. Usually the young people have comandered the TV room so it can be intimidating to use a comfy chair room.
The program of the festival should Include the opportunity to see some films and sit in comfy seats. 2 eveing films, 2 afternoon films.

Part of the festival is hte chance to go sit outside. But part of the festival is sitting watching and listenign to cultured artistic endevours.
As an Informal Educator I think Film is under represented and under valued as a relaxing and learning opportunity at the Festival.

Scratch play

The idea would be to perform a play on the friday starting from scratch. no costumes, no, actors, no sets. Using perhaps 2 hours a day or more as people could manage, involving volunteers to perform a high quality performance for the carberry festival antendees on the friday night in the chapel.

This would be voluntary and could involve everyone in taking a role and taking part in this play. Also people not taking part could contribute by donating clothes and props and other things. It would kinda be a cross between a scavenger hunt and a west end play.

I think it would be an awesome thing to try and do.
Perhaps I should do it and give up youthwork next year?
Then again perhaps I should leave it to someone to get paid £XXXX to co-ordinate.

(sour grapes. me?)
(It was a justified dig really)