The top 10 – Best album of 2014

Well in reflecting on 2014, I must consider on the main thing I have chosen to consume over 2014, which has been music. 2014 has had lot of good music (as demonstrated by the long list which I spoke of here The Long List – Best Album of 2014), here I am going to pick […]

The Best of 2014 mixtape – Roll away the stone (Laconic Hegemony vol.9)

well ten songs form the best 10 albums of 2014, (well I mean the 10 albums I like the most in 2014). so we have a mix of pop, rock, some avant grade, some quieter stuff, a bit of dutch miserablism and even some world music from Ibibio Sound Machine. When you put it all […]

Laconic Hegemony vol.8 – 16 songs which travelled well from 2014, #mixtape

Think of it like a virtual version of a mixtape cassette which I am giving you, only without DJ’s crashing the vocals. The New Pornographers Brill Bruisers St Vincent Digital Witness Belleruche Minor Swing Pete Molinari You Will be Mine Sun Kil Moon I Love My Dad George Ezra Budapest July Talk The Garden Jeremy […]

#IndyReF songs 11 (for the moning after) – Friends by Adam Buxton

F-R-I-E-N-D-S, do you really need them? Yes! If you haven’t got a friend, then you’re just you. There’s half as many things that you can do. Who’s going to tell you that you’re not a brat, if not your best friend? Do you recall when we did that? Yes! Sharing – the brilliant jokes we’ve […]

The day is past and gone.

  Yesterday brought the news that International Christian College (ICC) will be ceasing operations. I am a former student of ICC and I am glad I went there. When I left school with no highers and only 1 standard grade at level 3 (C+ equivalent). I never thought I could do academic work. I […]

Scott, in brief blog – Birthdays, contentment and motivations.

Strange time birthdays, it gives space for some perspective and time to consider the failures and successes of the past year. But I don’t think I am in that considering mode. With my uni work and the running thing, its tying up with organising and pushing on, not taking an overview and pausing to reflect […]

Solas2010 – Delightful

solas2010 was class you should have been there. great music, speakers, weather, activities, and fun for all the family. it was great to be a part of something like this. where sourcing affordable, local produce, sold at affordable prices, (£2 for an organic venison burger. nice!) was as important as getting the right band. Where […]