Child like faith

I am considering what this actually means.

at the weekend someone decided that childlike faith meant an unquestioning acceptance of whatever.

I disagree.

I think that child like faith is a questioning faith that allows the freedome to ask the questions that other people don’t want to ask or answer, but normally people would ask due to fear.

If perfect love drives out all fear then child like faith is that state of love without fear in effect. The world is a nice place. people are trustworthy. andy you are sercure and happy.

Chidren know no fear. my sister broke two arms on the same garden slide within 2 years. an adult probably would have been scared off.

Children ask the ackward questions and don’t understand why people seem sheepish/ embarrised about it. I rekon jesus had a twinkle in his eye swhen he spoke of becoming like a child.

Childhood usually is fun. Church usually isn’t fun.

go figure.

PS I am planing to write a written bit on this topic at a later date.

One thought on “Child like faith

  1. Hello Scott,
    i think its not all about fun or happiness, childhood is also about being care-free, not burdening yourself with doubtfull feelings about religious conspiracy crap… accepting life as it is, ignorantly probably. Although i do agree its about fun aswell -things that grown ups usually find hard to do, especially those with heightened expectations.

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