Church without Walls National Gathering

we spent last weekend at the Church of Scotland Church Without Walls National Gathering

further posts to follow but in general had a decent time
we got to see people we hadn’t seen for a while. One old friend we saw greeted us with the statement

“hi there, this is just like heaven isn’t it. Everyone you have every known in one space at one time.”

I put this to a minister friend of mine, his response was

“Heaven, Hell, at the moment it’s kinda similar!”

anyway it was strange seeing people you haven’t seen for years or people who know you but couldn’t remember who you are. What was really strange was how many people I know without being “church of scotland” yeah I have dabbled but never joined so it was quite weird.

anyway I think it achieved what it was trying to do. It got me thinking about church, carberry, mission, youthwork and how to do big events. Like I don’t get enough of that at work. Anyway I will put some more thoughts up soon.

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