thanks to rich for the email.
The comments section on the site was working well but apparently When i turned on the comments authenitcation stuff, I also turned on a moderation thing. This means I have to check and okay every comment made. I hadn’t been doing this.


anyway I have done it now and the comments are posted, thanks to all who have commented, please leave a comment about how stoopid i have been/am/will be at your leisure.

p.s. I changed the theme. Not sure I really like it yet but it will do.

3 thoughts on “comments

  1. No comment…

    only kidding. quite like the gentle colours… having doubts about the width of your columns though…

  2. hi guys, yes the width is concerning. I have tampered with the tmplate but don’t know enought about the strange blogger language to do any good.

    Hi james. Your blog is a bit heavy weight but with read it and leave ou a comment or two.


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