Computer games as inspirtion for books / movies?

the trip to the movies revealed a small thought about the usage of computer games to books and films.
Boxtrolls movie, is based on a story “Here be Monsters” by Alan Snow published in 2005. The first adventure of Snake was being published in the Metal Gear Solid series of games published in 1998. The Game was designed in sneaking and famously used a mechanic of hiding in cardboard box as you sneak around the game’s world. Attracting as little attention to yourself as possible. This mechanic of hiding in a cardboard box when you were in danger is perfectly recreated by the Boxtrolls movie.

Exclusive... Daniel Radcliffe Films "Horns"
the second thought is around the new film with Daniel Radcliffe called “Horns”. Its based on a book by Joe Hill from 2010. A girl dies and the next day her boyfriend wakes up and has grown horns. This is reminiscent of the story of ICO, where the leace character a boy called ICO is locked in a castle, as he has grown wings, and has to act to protect Yorda, his female accomplice in the dark lonely castle. Having not seen the film or read the book I don’t know how close or otherwise the finished product will be.

I find it interesting that mechanics which have been developed by computer games, such as Hiding in a cardboard box, or the striking visuals image of the Horned boy is explored by film, would then be reimagined within books, and then as movies. Rather than trying to take a computer game and make a film of the game with notably disappointing consequences.