day off one

so today was my first day off. although I did have about a hours work of work to get doen. I enjoyed going to town and seeing the shops and the people. i bought my wife a wedding anniversary card and gift which was nice. (even though we had argeed not to by gifts. It’s only small and she deserves it.)

I enjoyed the life i have. I have been really enjoying work. it is strange after so long not working to no be back inthe world where going to work is normal. I do think i am going down with my wifes ex-cold. she says it’s not bad enough to be flu. I am not so sure about that.

the list of things I almost bought but didn’t today included.

a mobile phone

the new steve earle CD

Johnny Cash’s 2nd album for american recordings

The ROlling stone Johnny Cash tribute book

Steve Taylors i Predict 1990 album (£3 in a charity shop but a bit scratched.)

Luther Blissett’s novel Q

The book of The Princess Bride

Gillian Welch CD’s

The new Tonex album

and other things that i did buy include

card and small gift.

brown bread

honey roast ham


a small bottle of coke

I wanted to buy but couldn’t fidn anywhere

roy hattersleys, Fire and Blood, a biograghy of the Booth’s and the salvation Army

What Mobile Magazine.

anyway a good day all in all