, my

my is an interesting system.

you dcereate an account and then everyime you go to a website you like, use work at for add it to your account.

You end up with a large web based version of your favourites folder which can be added to or accessed from any location as long as you remember your password. but it is more than that.

It allows you to catergorise your links and cross reference.

The cool thing is it allows you to see who’s links are close to your own.

This forms a community of people based on what they want to reveal.

I fear the internet will never allow for the intimacy which real community is based upon. The closeness, the breaking down of facades and masks that people wear when they want to show a good side to someone, the showing the whole of who you are, the frailty, brokenness, the reality of not coping, the joy fo exceeding expectations. the love, joy, peace that being one can provide.

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