“Easter Legs” In Check republic

Easter Monday

On Easter Monday everyone gets up early; boys and men to set of on a whipping trip through the village, girls and women to prepare, hide, or run away. Boys stop at people’s homes and whip the legs of every girl and woman who lives in the house. They sometimes catch the girl still in bed. Little boys say an Easter carol while whipping, usually asking for an egg or two. A popular custom is also to grab the girl and throw her in cold water, the “Easter dousing”. The whipping and dousing is supposed to chase away bad spirits and illness, so this is actually good for the girl!

After all the whipping and dousing is done, the girl, strangely enough, rewards the boy by giving him one of her painted eggs and tying a ribbon around his whip.

As the boys progress through the village, their bags fill up with eggs and the whips become nicer and nicer with all the colourful ribbons fastened around them. This romantic egg-and-ribbon tradition is however being replaced by offering the man (18 years or older) a shot of alcohol, so the men are feeling pretty happy by the time they arrive home!

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