eudora 6.0.2 v eudrora 1.0.0.b3 (yeah geeky stuff)

my old eudora screen

recently I have changed my email program from eudora 6.2 as shown above to the new shiny eudora 1.0.0b3 as shown below!

the new shiny, thunderbird, penelope build eudora 1.0.0b3

Well the first change is the design page.
it is all in on screen unlike the multiple screens which populated eudora 6.2. To be honest the penelope thunderbird build is very nice. it is friendly and welocming. Having used thunderbird before I was familiar with the layout

the best thing about the build is the way that it allows you to use the pop3 filter features on your gmail accounts. (I have two, one for junk, one for my youthwork.) the new eudora allows me to download and send email from both accounts from one central point. with seperate signatures for each account and everything!

the migration has been quite easy and was done within a hour from deciding to upgrade to dwonload and e-mails being sent. I am quite impresed to be honest!

if you have a mac and can use eudora then you should try it.
if you have a windows based machine then mozilla thunderbird is actually quite good.

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