Gas! Fire! Condemnation!

Last Tuesday, I managed to smell a small whiff of gas in the living room. This was of o real concern. I had smelt it before and been assured by others that the smell was not actually gas, or not really there.

My wife came home and we ate diner together. Watched some TV and chilled. I had gone to my childhood house to see my sister to orgnaise the program for the Carberry Youth work.

I called my wife about 10.10pm because I was going to stay and watch the season finale of CSI on Five. When I called My wife asked if I had smelt gas.
I had.
My wife entered the living room and said the smell was overwhelming. She opened the windows and went to bed. I traveled straight home. When I got there the smell was faint but obvious. I turned off the gas at the Meter. We slept with the windows over and I got quite cold.

The next day and transco man turned up and turned off the gas to the house. Nice
especially when you need gas for the cooker, central heating and hot water. hmmm

The next day a man from the gas fitters called. He spent some time diagnosing the problem. He basically checked the entire house and conclude the fire or the pipe to the fire was the culprit. He cut the gas pipe in my office, and the condemned the fire. Nice.

so the gas fire is currently sitting on the floor next to the fireplace. The gas is off in the office and everything is good again.

except for the gaping big hole in the wall.