Glastonbury weekend

I didn’t go.

Somehow Glastonbury always seems better on the TV.
anyway here is my review

Phil Jupitus and Lauren Laverne should never be allowed to free wheel. for goodness sake, someone give them a script this is live TV or they will just garble everything.

Who paired up the Phil and the Lauren. Do they not know they both recently hosted breakfast shows for rival companies? Their didn’t seem any real on air chemistry. why?

Mark Radcliffe. – more please.

Whats the score with presenters wandering in half way through a link and just sitting down as casual as you like? The jo wiley did it to Mark Radcliffe and The Phil Jupitous did it to The Lauren Laverne?
Set managers get a grip on it!

anyway on to the music, the main part of the Glastonbury TV experience.

BBC well done for showing all the main headlines on the top three stages for the entirety of their sets. good work. (unlike E4 who showed last years V fest and showed the Kasabian set on the second stage totally ignoring Radiohead’s main stage set. (Well i think they showed street spirit or summit.)

good live music from
artic monkeys, really very good. i didn’t expect much to be honest
makimo park
Bjork, looked and sounded stunning, what was the plastic thin the DJ type guy was using behind her. looked very interesting.
Calvin harris – i bought his Cd on the back of it!
Bright Eyes – I loved the white outfits but how many people on stage does an essentially singer songwriter need?

Not really bothered about
rodrigo y gabriela – disappointing
amy winehouse – just didn’t do it for me
lily allen – no
iggy and the stooges – don’t quite get it.
Kasabian – i just don’t like them
bloc party – the new stuff isn’t as good to be honest
The Killers – I expected much, they didn’t deliver
The who – no

People i didn’t see but had hoped to catch:
Acrade fire
Rufus Wainwright
Modest Mouse
Manic Street preachers
Modest Mouse
The Frattelli’s
The Chemical Brothers,
The Go! Team

half way through Saturday I did connect up the video to the stereo to get a better sound and the bands on Saturday afternoon and evening, and all day Sunday did sound 50% better then the bands earlier.

So on balance I think i enjoyed Glastonbury this year. not enough to consider going. but enjoyed never the less.