I need a bag. a tale of woe

For the last 4-5 years i have carried a bag.
It is practical and makes my life easy. I like my bag.

Unfortunately my current bag (the male version of the one above) has broke.
I need a new bag.

I like this one from these guys Scaramanga
It is big enough for an iPad (not that I have one. but it will take a decent sized book or two and is the right size for how I use my bag. it may even be too Big!

The main complication to this straight forward purchasing strategy is my adoption of cycling as my go to activity.
Given the Scottish weather it is appropriate, perhaps necessary, to carry a change of clothes when you cycle places for a meeting, hence I would like to avail myself of this bag…

from the ever popular Howies

But you know me. It might take a while to decide!

fell free to leave a comment, telling me about your favourite or current bag, extolling its virtues and foibles.