Indie Boy crudentials intact.

Saturday’s Guardian had a tantalising Quiz.

Gues the indie band.

well kind of. Unde the heading the invisable bands the journalist had went round and shown pictures of some of more popular of the current crop of indie bands to random people and see how many they could identify.

the winner in the paper got 7

me I got nine promting this barbed comment form the quiz master

7 and above Oh, very smug. Tune in next time for the Teenage Fanclub round. Then we’ll see who’s laughing

I reckon I would do some damage on a teenage fanclub round, but hey.

so I got correct
james blunt (easy)
shakira(so easy)
paulo nuttini (bit of a guess really)
Sandi Thom (easy but a bit oragne in the photo they printed)
The Editors (bit of a guess, but the black with white faces was a bit of a give away)
Razorlight (bit of a guess)
David gray (easy)
Dido (easy but why?)
and Gnarls Barkly (v.easy)

I didn’t get
James Morrison (WHooo? and how did two of his songs end up in my hard drive/ipod?)
The Kooks (sorry, they weren’t wearing the hats they wore on Top Of The Pops, what chance did I stand)
or Artic Monkeys (just because, I read in Q magazine they had lost a member and now were a three piece, but the photo used in the article had them as a four peice.I think the guardian was cheating to be honest.)

anyway the article is online ::[[click here]]:: but the photo’s arn’t online so you can’t take the test.(sorry but be glad for me. I did well.)