#IndyRef Songs 5 – Do you want to build a snowman? from Frozen.

(This is a small blog series using songs to ask questions about the upcoming Scottish independence referendum. Not intended as anything beyond lighthearted.)

Song 5 – Do You want to Build a Snowman by Anna


What’s the song about?
Well its about a girl growing up locked out of the world of her sister. Her sister has a secret magical power which she doesn’t know how to harness. To be honest it is really a song about taunting someone who is locked in a room told they shouldn’t use their powers. “Conceal it, don’t let it show.” her dad says. But Anna never gives up come and play with me. Anna just comes across as a spoilt brat.

What questions are similar around the referendum?
Well should the Scottish people listen to the Anna, (Mr Salmond), asking for fun and games, or should we listen to our parents, who as we know are surely near death of the Dad, (Darling), encouraging us to be serious and conservative, note the small c.

What conclusions can we draw about the independence referendum vote?
Sometimes being locked in a room isn’t too bad. Knocking your neighbours door and singing an annoying song may just work, or it may annoy them significantly, causing the impending doom of the entire kingdom. Your choice.