#IndyRef Songs 8 – Simple Song by The Shins

(This is a small blog series using songs to ask questions about the upcoming Scottish independence referendum. Not intended as anything beyond lighthearted.)

Song 8 – Simple Song by The Shins


What’s the song about?
Its a love song, about the confidence which love brings to people. The chorus seems to speak of someone choosing to do something different, and the problem of going it alone inherently making the going-it-aloner tough and hard to deal with the difficulties of doing something on their own.

What questions are similar around the referendum?
Does a vote for independence, automatically make us act tough, like a stone, as the lyric says. “Loves such a delicate thing which we do, which i never knew.”

What conclusions can we draw about the independence referendum vote?
well how much of the creative, beautifulness of the artistic Yes movement will be “toughened” by the realities of independence. does the vision of a shared love where you can fear your fears and have them banished exist?

sorry not very light hearted this one. more later.