Interview of the Week

This title needs to go to Edi Stark.Who’s Stark Talk radio programme on BBC Radio Scotland is excellent listening for all.

But in particular her interview with Paul Buchanan from the Blue Nile is very good indeed. I really like the blue nile‘s music and some of the ways they work as a band. They take 8 years between records. nice. They burn stuff they don’t like. I just feel like as a band they achieve what they aim to do, that is as Paul buchanan reveals in the interview to make music that people can listen to and say hey thats me he’s singing about. They aren’t the richest band in the world. (for a while I think i read that Paul Buchanan didn’t have a house, he stayed with friend in new york, london & glasgow.)

I think that the Blue Nile‘s music is music for a night with a storm adding the ambience. I love the period of dark after dusk. when things are dark and cool, man made heating systems haven’t quite kicked in but life continues. The Blue Nile’s music sums up my feelings about this time of night. Kinda like how Over The Rhine‘s Ohio does the same thing only all the time.

Anyway a good program and it is available on line using the BBC’s listen again function in the interweb thingy. To hear the interview ::[[click here]]::

Some just don’t get it. Then there are those of us, more than you might think, who fall silent, cross themselves and genuflect whenever they’re mentioned. If they speak to you, if you feel them, The Blue Nile’s soulful, resolute records are as exquisite as records get.